Ashley C of E Primary School

School Meals

We continue to work with Caterlink to ensure that the food is as appetising, nutritional and sustainable as possible.

The new Spring/Summer 2023/24 menu, is here: Menu

We aim to use produce that is seasonal and local. In addition, we are consciously reducing our use of red meat, to reduce our carbon footprint and have introduced meat free days to show to the children that food doesn’t have to include meat to be nutritious and delicious.

If your child has any particular dietary requirements, do ask at the school office for the relevant form to complete so that we can ensure that there is a suitable alternative.

We would like as many children as possible to take part in school meals and to this end, we work hard to make the lunch time experience a really positive one.

The children are encouraged to drink all their water to ensure that they are hydrated and that this precious resource is not wasted.

The cost of a meal is £2.75 per day.  There is no charge for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as they are entitled to Universal Free School Meals (UFSMs) 

We complete a lunch register each day to ensure that the correct amount of lunches are made as we try to have as little waste as possible. We also need to ensure that the parents of KS2 children are charged correctly. 

For school trips that are not residential, packed lunches will be provided and a choice of filling will be offered.

Please ensure that payments are kept up to date at all times.

Payment should be made on-line via  We do not accept cash or cheques.

Your registration code for Scopay will have been sent home with your child.  This can also be obtained from the school office.


Packed Lunches

We have seen some very creative and delicious looking packed lunches that the children have been bringing in for lunchtime.

The NHS Change4Life website has some great ideas for inspiration for a healthy packed lunch.

Nut free school

Please check that the food in your child’s packed lunch does not include nuts, traces of nuts or are made in an environment that cannot be guaranteed to be nut free.

Food allergies and special diets for religious or ethical reasons

As some children may not be able to eat certain food items due to dietary, religious or ethical reasons, pupils are not permitted to swap foods or share items.

Items not suitable for packed lunches

Please note that the following items must not be included as part of your child’s packed lunch:

  • Products that contain nuts, traces of nuts or are made in an environment that cannot be guaranteed to be nut free must not be brought into school. This includes nut sandwich spreads such as peanut butter and Nutella, and nut based snack and protein bars. Please check all ingredients before sending anything in with your child.
  • Confectionary such as chocolate bars, chocolate coated biscuits, all types of sweets/candy
  • Fizzy/sugary drinks. This includes high sugar juices and softs drinks such as Capri Sun and Ribena. Children have access to tap water in the lunch hall.
  • Processed snacks such as ‘Lunchables’, ‘Dunkers’, ‘Attack A Snaks’
  • Glass bottles and tins/cans due to safety reasons

Storage of packed lunches

The school will provide storage for packed lunches in the most convenient place for each class. We cannot provide cooled storage areas and therefore cannot take responsibility for foods prepared at home and then brought into school.

Reviewing contents of packed lunches

Our Midday Supervisor and Learning Support Assistants are responsible for managing the lunch hall. Where packed lunches do not adhere to the school guidelines, parents and carers will be reminded by the teacher either when they collect their child or via email.

Uneaten food and waste

All uneaten food and waste will be kept in your child’s lunchbox and returned home so that parents are able to monitor their child’s food consumption