Ashley C of E Primary School


Scientists ask questions about the world around them by carefully looking at both big and small things that cannot always be seen easily. They constantly search for answers to understand the world better for everyone.  

Our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum in Science though the ‘Plan Bee’ scheme. Teachers know what to teach when because the scheme is carefully mapped against the seasons and gardening calendar to maximise the use of what the school grounds have to offer. The scheme is enriched by opportunities for retrieval of prior learning, cross-curricular links, sustainability 'World Caretaker' projects and 'Plot to Plate' curriculum gardening. Each unit uses hands-on investigative science activities to promote a deep understanding of scientific concepts which we refer to as the golden threads and help children develop effective methods of scientific enquiry.   

Our curriculum layers learning and builds on previous years knowledge and skills through the Golden Threads:  

  • Plants  
  • Animals, including Humans  
  • Materials and States off Matter  
  • Living Things and their Habitats  
  • Forces  
  • Light and Sound  
  • Electricity  
  • Earth and Space  

‘Plot to Plate’ projects offer children the opportunity to sow, tend, harvest, cook and eat crops from the school gardens and develop an understanding of the importance of positive food culture and a healthy lifestyle.  We aspire for the skills and knowledge learnt by the pupils in school to become lifelong. Through our ‘Plot to Plate’ projects and Design Technology curriculum we aim to support this philosophy by: 

  • Fostering the enjoyment that taking part in cooking, eating and gardening activities can bring; 
  • Enabling children to develop and explore cooking and gardening skills; 
  • Teaching children how to make healthy lifestyle choices; 
  • Developing children’s understanding of the environmental impact of food (seasonality and food wastage); 

This approach utilises and links the golden thread of ‘Plants’ to the Design and Technology golden thread of ‘Cooking and Nutrition’. 

‘World Caretaker’ Projects 

Ashley is an environmentally aware school that strives to reduce it’s footprint on the planet. We teach children to make informed choices about living sustainably as part of the science curriculum. We work together to be responsible caretakers of the world. Each year group undertakes a ‘World Caretaker’ project which aims to improve our school environment and have a positive impact on the world we live in. The children's efforts have been acknowledged by 'The Green Flag Award' and 'RHS School Gardening Awards'. We also work closely with the Elmbridge Eco-Hub and take part in local community projects. 

The curriculum gardener works alongside the class teacher to enhance the teaching of science and sustainability.

We have adopted and adapted the PlanBee Science Scheme: 


whole school science overview 2023 2024.pdf