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At Ashley, we aim to provide a mathematics curriculum which inspires a real interest in the subject and its applications to the wider world, encourages true depth of understanding and equips our pupils with mathematical life skills. Through our engagement with the Maths Hub and the use of Power Maths across the school, we are developing a whole-school ethos of teaching mathematics for mastery. This aims to instil a positive mindset towards the subject, a culture of collaboration, a culture of learning from mistakes, misconceptions and provides opportunities to develop resilience in the face of a challenge for all learners. We encourage pupils to make connections and build on their prior learning in coherent steps, to ensure that knowledge and skills are deeply embedded. Key to our curriculum offer is the focus placed on developing pupils’ abilities to apply their understanding, reason mathematically and problem solve. We want Ashley pupils to think logically, systematically and be the problem solvers of tomorrow.


In order for the children to master fundamental mathematical concepts and develop their mathematical fluency, we employ the CPA approach and offer real-life contexts for their mathematical learning. Children take on the state of being when learning Maths. 

Mathematicians use numbers to solve problems. Being a Mathematician can help with everyday life; shopping, cooking and telling the time. The world is full of numbers and patterns so we often need to count, sort and measure things. 


The CPA approach: 

Concrete Manipulatives– providing children with objects and resources to manipulate in order to build mathematical understanding through action, subsequently using manipulatives to represent a deeper understanding.

Pictorial Representations - providing opportunities for children to represent their mathematical learning through the drawn representation of concrete objects, developing towards more complex models, such as graphs, diagrams, images, and drawing.

Abstract – a more conventional approach to embedding mathematical facts, using written number and following formal written methods to represent mathematical thinking and problem solving.


Power Maths

We deliver Maths using the Power Maths scheme which forms the basis of our curriculum. Power Maths is a mastery programme based on research which is recommended by the DfE and is designed to spark curiosity and excitement and help nurture confidence in Maths This scheme is fully aligned with White Rose. To stimulate curiosity, each lesson begins with a problem in context, which children explore with manipulatives. The teacher then leads a discussion where children share their methods and are guided towards the best pictorial representation. Throughout the guided practice and independent practice tasks, each question is carefully designed to build children's understanding step by step

Power Maths KS1 and KS2 are recommended by the DfE, having met the NCETM’s criteria for high-quality textbooks, and have been judged as “fully delivering a mastery approach”.


Power Maths lessons are split into 5 parts:


Every lesson starts with a Discover task to get children to solve a problem that aims to generate curiosity. During the Discover section children may use manipulatives to help them understand the maths and explain their method.


The next stage encourages children to Share the methods they have tried to solve the problem in Discover.

Think Together

We only learn when we are thinking! In this section Power Maths takes the approach “I do, we do, you do”, as children apply the knowledge they have just learned in a series of problems that continue to encourage thinking throughout.


Children are then ready for some independent practice in their workbooks.


The final Reflect question helps the children evaluate whether they have understood the key concept and small step that they have been trying to master in the lesson.

We recognise the importance of motivating children in their learning. We support children further by providing all learners with online and interactive activities on Seesaw, Numbots and Times Table Rockstars. We celebrate effort and success in equal measure throughout the school with a class “Maths Superstar”, which is updated weekly and additional celebrations for extra-curricular mathematical activities.

In addition, we have developed links with local schools to challenge higher attaining pupils; entering local mathematics competitions, giving students the opportunities to showcase their mathematical thinking and to celebrate ambitious attainment.



Ashley Mathematicians are resourceful, make links and excited to learn more by thinking mathematically. They are curious, resilient learners, who are aware of the best methods by which they learn. The children leave Ashley mathematically fluent, with a secure knowledge of operations and mathematical vocabulary. Children are able to articulate their mathematical thinking concretely, pictorially, abstractly and verbally, often using stem sentences. Children leave Ashley not just Secondary-ready for maths, but world ready and equipped with a full range of mathematical knowledge and skills which they are able to apply in a variety of new situations.


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