Reports & End of Year Assessment

Assessment, both summative and formative, is at the heart of effective teaching and learning at Ashley School. It will draw on evidence that indicates what a child can do independently and consistently, to provide a complete picture of strengths and areas for improvement alongside achievement over time. Assessment will be used to set high expectations for all pupils against the in-year and end of Key Stage expectations, to celebrate achievement, and to inform children, parents, carers and teachers of next steps in learning.

At the end of the academic year, you will receive your child’s annual report. This will inform you of both your child’s attainment and progress throughout the year. In each area of the curriculum, they will receive a grade on the effort that they have put into their learning, and also a teacher judgement of their performance against the year group expectations.


Key:        WBS – Working Below National Standards for Year Group

                WTS – Working Towards National Standards for Year Group

EXS – Meeting the National Standards for Year Group

GDS – Working at Greater Depth in National Standards for Year Group


A: Excellent Effort                B: Good Effort                       C: Expected Effort                 D: Below Expected Effort


Early Years Foundation Stage

In our Reception Year the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.  There are seven areas of learning in the EYFS and each of these has its own Early Learning Goals. In the summer term, teachers complete an assessment against these goals which is based on what they, and other staff caring for your child, have observed over a period of time.  The following assessment criteria are used:

Exceeding – attainment beyond the Early Learning Goals.
Expected – working at the expected standards of the Early Learning Goals.
Emerging – working towards the Early Learning Goals.

Once the children reach Year 1, they are then working towards the National Curriculum criteria.


Years 1 – 6

Throughout KS1 and KS2, the children are assessed against the National Curriculum expectations for their year group. This is done both formatively and summatively. Moderation takes place across the year group, between phases, across Key Stages and across schools within our cluster to ensure that our judgements are robust and accurate.


End of Key Stage Assessments

Year 2 is the end of Key Stage 1. The assessments are carried out within school in the summer term. They may be externally moderated. Your child will achieve one of the following standards:

PKF – Working Below National Standards for Year 2

WTS – Working Towards National Standards for Year 2

EXS – Meeting the National Standards for Year 2

GDS – Working at Greater Depth in National Standards for Year 2


Year 6 is the end of Key Stage 2. The children take SATs in May and they will receive end of Key Stage 2 results based both on the SATs and Teacher Assessments (TAs).  They are assessed in reading, maths and EPGS (English Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling), which also forms part of the teacher assessment for writing. As well as their end of year reports, the children will receive a certificate indicating whether they have met the end of Key Stage expectations or not as well as a scaled score for their tests.

Below is a link to further information from the DfE: