Ashley C of E Primary School

Reopening of Ashley School on 8th March

This will be very similar to the situation in September 2020 and the majority of measures we put in place then (Risk Assessment v2) are identical.

Remember that we are still in a national lockdown. From 29th March (end of term for pupils is 31st March) Government is likely to let us enter the next phase, which will allow groups of six or two households to mix. Until then, no children should be mixing outside school.

The new pedestrian gate is in operation for use outside drop-off and pick-up times. If you arrive to drop-off before 8.40am, please wait outside on the pavement and do not try and enter through the new gate.

We continue to operate a ‘soft start’ where classrooms are open from 8.40am and the register is taken at 9am. Please do not arrive before 8.40am to avoid parents and children mixing together and to avoid queues.

Entrance in the morning is via the main gates at the front of the school. Please keep to the right and do not stop to socialise. There are too many vehicles moving in the car park in the morning to be able to use this as an entrance at that time of day.

Normal statutory attendance resumes from 8th March. Registers will be taken as normal and any children late or absent will be recorded as such.

If you arrive with your child after 9am, you will need to use the intercom by the new gate and wait to be let in. You will need to come in with your child to sign them in.

Please note that you have to be let out before you can exit via the new gate. This is a security measure to protect your children. The gate is on a hinge and closes automatically – you do not need to pull it to close it.

At pick-up time we will revert to parents walking through the car park to reduce congestion and follow a one-way system. We have to insist on no vehicle movement between 3.00 and 3.15pm –vehicles and pedestrians do not mix! If your surname begins A-I, please arrive at school between 3.00 and 3.10pm (try not to arrive early). All others (surnames J-Z) please arrive around 3.10pm. We will close one of the vehicle gates at 3.00pm to signify no vehicles and allow parents in from 3.00pm. At 3.15pm we will open the vehicle gate and therefore no pedestrians may use the car park – please come to the front gates if you are late picking up. If the main gates are locked, you should use the intercom and wait to be let in.

Some sports clubs (you will be informed about this separately) will resume from 8th March, before school and after school. If you are arriving early for a club or picking your child up after a club, please use the new pedestrian gate. When we have particular clubs operating where many children will need access, the gate will be released on a timer (check to see if it is already open before using the intercom for clubs’ access).

We expect all children to be wearing school uniform. However, children grow! If you find that an item no longer fits, then we are fine with you substituting something suitable. For example, black trainers for a few weeks whilst you look for new shoes is absolutely fine. Although the heating is on in school, the temperature in classrooms can still be on the cooler side as we have to maintain good ventilation. Extra layers of clothes are in order. Please try to stick to school colours as best you can.

Children will need their PE kits on the days specified by their teachers.

From 8th March all children from Reception to Year 5 will be eating their lunch in the hall, which will be served on plates. Only Year 6 will be eating from boxes in their classrooms for the three and a half weeks remaining of the term. We still have to maintain strict year-group bubbles and clean all seats and tables between sittings. Y6 children continue to eat separately to ensure that they are not having to wait long into the afternoon. The menu will differ, depending on what supplies are available for the caterers. A new menu comes into force from 19th April and we hope to have all children eating in the hall with delicious food – we will share the new menu before the end of this term.

Our breakfast club (which has been operating throughout lockdown) continues to provide support to families where children need to be at school earlier than 8.40am. We are open from 7.30am with ‘last orders’ at 8.15am. No booking is required for breakfast club.

After-school care operates from the end of school until 6.00pm at the latest (5.00pm on the last day of a term when school finishes early). Places have to be booked in advance and we operate a waiting list and have strict criteria for places. Please see this page for full details.

Extra-curricular clubs will resume in the summer term, unless Government guidelines change. Some sports clubs will take place in March, as mentioned earlier.

Pupil engagement with the remote learning and our contact with families has been very effective this term. We believe that we are in a very good position to understand the needs of children in each class and to know which children will struggle when they return. We are mindful that going into a classroom with 29 other children will be challenging for some, and the staff have strategies in place to support all the children.