Phonics and Reading

The presentation below is from the Autumn Term Phonics and Reading workshop.  These contain suggestions of ways to support your children in their learning of phonics and early reading. There are also some useful documents which we shared at the presentation.

Phonics and Reading Workshop Presentation

Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2

KS1 Reading Prompt Questions Mats

KS2 Reading Prompt Questions Mats



We have highlighted the need for children to develop their spelling of high frequency words (also known as tricky words) across the school.  Please see the links below for words that your child should work on for both spelling and reading.

Phase 2 words in Reception script
Phase 2 words in cursive script
Phase 3 words in Reception script
Phase 3 words in cursive script
HFWs in Reception script
HFWs in cursive script
200 HFWs in Reception script
200 HFWs in cursive script



Below is an example showing the lower case letters of the alphabet in Ashley script.


The document below demonstrates the calculation methods we use at Ashley.  Please use this to ensure you are using the same methods at home for your child’s homework.

Progression in Calculations at Ashley