Ashley C of E Primary School

Isolation Packs

If we are directed to close the school either partially (ie a year group) or fully, we will switch our learning to Seesaw. Children will be expected to engage with their learning each day (if they are well) and this will be monitored by their teachers. We have already asked parents to tell us where there may be IT access issues (September 2020) and we are supporting those families.

In the event of a child having to self-isolate because they are waiting for a test, or their household is isolating, and the child is well, we have provided 'isolation packs' of learning for each year group. These have been carefully put together by the teachers in each year group and provide guidance and support with learning for up to two weeks. It is expected that parents/carers will support the child with the learning. When the child returns to school, the class teacher will wish to see the great work that the child has done, perhaps in the form of a project book or folder. They will not mark the work, but will be able to use it to judge the next steps for the child. The pack will be returned to the child.

Please do not use the material in the packs for any other purpose. We do not have the capacity to provide additional work for children who have already used this material.

The files are stored on our Sharepoint system and are live. Teachers will make changes to material, so it is best to wait until you need it before downloading any of it. The links for each year group (below) link to the live folders.