Ashley C of E Primary School

Welcome to Ashley Extended Care 

Our vision:

To continue the supportive, encouraging and explorative ethos of our school before and after school hours. The Extended Care provision is an extension of our school. We strive to produce engaging activities that meet all our children's needs, offering time for physical exercise and being outside, time to be creative and enjoy arts and crafts, time to focus on homework in a peaceful environment and time to be still and calm after a long day of learning. Most importantly, we want to provide our children with a home away from home where they can have fun. 


Making the most of outdoor play opportunities, come rain or shine...

Breakfast Club

  • 7.30 to 8.45 am - term time only (excluding INSET Days and bank holidays).
  • £5.00 per session, (including breakfast)
  • Provides a healthy breakfast


Parents should accompany their children to main gate where they will be signed in - please arrive before 8:15am. At the end of Breakfast Club, staff will escort Reception and Year 1 children to their classrooms.  The children in Years 2-6 will make their own way to their classrooms.

After School Club

  • 3.10 to 6 pm  - term time only (excluding INSET Days and bank holidays)
  • £12.50 from September 2020, for full-time children, (including  a healthy snack) 
  • There will always be a selection of activities and resources available which include crafts, board games, construction, physical play and reading
  • Secure free flow indoor/outdoor play
  • Quiet area for any child wishing to do homework


Reception and year 1 children will be collected from their class and escorted to the club by a member of staff. All other children make their way to the club from their classrooms.

Collecting your child:

Please ring the bell and a member of staff will collect you and ask you to sign out your child.  If anyone other than the authorised person is collecting your child you must let staff know well before pick up.


Healthy eating

At Ashley we have the highest quality standards for the food we provide our children. The food served at our Breakfast and After School Clubs will be in line with the standards of our school lunches. Wherever possible, ingredients are organic and seasonal.  Fresh water is available at all times.


Homework Club

A quiet place with adult support. This will give all children the chance to complete homework before coming home relieving time pressures for both the children and parents.


Computer Club

The school's laptops and tablets will be available for online games and learning, coding and developing computing skills.  


Cupcake baking and decorating with a Fireworks theme.



Manager: Miss A Wood

Telephone: 07895 862292



If you have a query or concern at any time, please speak to a member of staff at the club when you collect your child. 

If you prefer, you may arrange a more convenient time for a meeting.

Please click here for our terms and conditionsExtended Care Terms & Conditions

Oversubscription criteria

Our extended care provision is a valued service for families and we continue to offer support to our families and their different working needs.

Demand for places has increased steadily and we are now often over subscribed.  Therefore we have a criteria for how the places are allocated to ensure that this is done fairly and without prejudice. This applied from September 2020.

When applying for extended care places for children joining the school at the beginning of an academic year, confirmation as to whether your application is successful will be made as soon as possible after the deadline. We operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that children have access to childcare places and services irrespective of their gender, race, disability, religion or belief.

As the demand for places in our extended care becomes increasing high, we will be using this oversubscription criterion to allocate places:

  1. Children eligible for the Pupil Premium.
  2. Current children who already attend extended care,
  3. Siblings of the above who are joining the school including children joining in Reception. Siblings include adoptive siblings, half siblings, step siblings and long term fostered children residing at the same address and who will be attending the club.
  4. Current children who have not previously attended extended care.
  5. We will allocate any remaining places on a first come first served basis. 

If no places are available, the parent will be informed and the child’s name added to the waiting list. The school will contact the parent should a place become available.