Welcome to Year 6

Eagle Class is taught by Mr Crinall and supported by Mrs Attwood-Smith.

Hawk Class is taught by Miss Ambidge and supported by Mrs Roberts.

Take a look at what we have been learning about at school.

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Spring Term 2: How do the Inuit of the Arctic live with nature?

The principle of the Cycle


Solar Powered Cars

As part of our learning about the Arctic, and the impact that human activity can have on the world, we have been tasked with designing solar powered cars. Now that we have completed our initial designs of vehicles that will meet the design brief, we are working on the construction of the chassis (using our measurement and woodworking skills) and the design of the body of the car (using ‘2 Design and Make’ as CAD software). Keep an eye out below for updated photographs as we continue to build and make our cars.

Tech Days

We started our half-term with some fantastic Tech Days. We were lucky enough to experience a range of brand new learning including DJ-ing, digital music composition, saving communities from forest fires using Minecraft: Education Edition and we even got to explore both the Arctic and Antarctica in virtual reality! Check out some of our highlights in the photographs below.

Spring Term 1: Is Antarctica worth protecting? 

The principle of Interdependence

Curriculum Mapping - Spring

Is Antarctica worth protecting? It is a HUGE question, one which requires intensive discussion, research and a lot of hard-working Year 6s!


Antarctica Great Works

We finished this half-term with an exhibition to showcase what we have learnt about Antarctica.

Throughout the half term, we studied the scale and ratios of Emperor Penguins which enabled us to individually sculpt and create our own out of clay. We then followed Ernest Shackleton's journey to Antarctica and created our own versions of 'Dog Town'. In geography, we looked at the formation of glaciers and then made our own glacier models using a variety of techniques (lots of cake!). In computing, we generated Antarctica scratch games where a penguin had to escape through an ice field. 


Fossil Models

We are learning about a range of interconnected topics in Science this term. We will be learning about adaptation and evolution but we have started by learning about fossils. As well as looking at the formation of fossils, we have also been lucky enough to make some fossil models of our own. We used clay, shells and a flour and water mixture to create mould and cast fossils which will are looking forward to excavating next week. Have a look at our photos to see what we did.

Shackleton's Journey Geometry

To start our learning enquiry, we looked at 'Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill. This superb book won the Kate Greenaway medal in 2015, the year after Grill won the Association of Illustration (AOI) Award for New Talent. The front cover features a stunning geometric image which cleverly tells part of Shackleton's amazing efforts. Inspired by his coloured pencil designs, we put our own skills to test to create our own versions. Have a look at the photos below to see our own designs.

One... Or More?

Our RE learning this term is based around The Holy Trinity. We have begun to explore what the Trinity means to Christian's as well as how the Trinity can be represented.  There are many ideas and representations in the world but we have focused on one of the more complex geometric ideas: the 'Triquetra' or 'Celtic Knot'. Our geometry skills have been honed over our many years at Ashley and the results we produced were fantastic! Take a look at the photos below to see for yourselves!

Autumn Term 2: How can we learn to live in peace?

The Principle of Oneness 

Our Great Works

 This week, we saw the end to our learning on 'How can we learn to live in peace?' with a show-stopping Poetry Recital for our Great Works, attended by parents and Mrs Stevens. The children of Hawk and Eagle Class have worked tirelessly to produce truly astounding poems, which have been inspired by infamous WW1 poets such as Wilfred Owen and Laurence Binyon (to name a few). The children performed the poems beautifully to produce a very moving and professional recital. 


Remembrance Service

On the 11th November 2019, it will be 101 years since the guns fell silent, marking the end of World War I, on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month. 

This week, the children conducted their Remembrance Service on Monday, performing to Years 2-5 and the parents of Year 6. The children began in a group with a reading of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, as sung in the musical 'Les Miserables'. Then the children then led the rest of the school outside towards the cenotaph in a ceremonious silence before performing Flanders Fields by John McCrae and laying down their handmade poppy wreath.

The Year 6's accomplished such an admirable and heartfelt service. Everyone should be extremely proud of the maturity and respect they displayed. Well done, Year 6. 


"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender." - Winston Churchill

World War II still rages on. As loved ones are left at home to mourn for those who have lost their lives, soldiers are still fighting across Europe. 

This half term, Year 6 will finish learning about World War II. We will then change our focus towards Remembrance Day and World War I and will ultimately be exploring whether the world has learned to live in global peace in the aftermath of two great wars. We will be discussing how we can create a peaceful and harmonious world for our future and how we can learn from history, to ensure it does not repeat itself.

This week, we began with the 'beginning of the end' and created non-chronological reports on the infamous D-Day. 


Year 6 Synagogue Workshop
On Wednesday 5th November, Year 6 welcomed Rabbi Zvi to Ashley school as part of their learning about Judaism. He was a tremendous help to children in furthering their knowledge about Judaism including Jewish places of worship and festivals and he also taught children about the links between major religions and the origins of Christianity. Thank you Rabbi Zvi!

Autumn Term 1: What can we learn from life on the Home Front?  

The Principle of Diversity 

ARP Warden Adverts

Year 6 have been using their trip to Henley Fort as inspiration for their writing over the past two weeks. They have immersed themselves in examples of persuasive adverts, before picking them apart to discover the key features. The children then thought about their previous learning and wrote adverts that could have been played over the wireless to convince people to become ARP wardens to do 'their bit' to help in the war effort. Once they were happy with their final efforts, they used an app called 'Chatterpix' to record their adverts. Take a look at their recordings and see if their adverts are good enough to convince you!

Henley Fort

The year was 1939. The British population had been warned that air attacks on cities were likely and defence preparations had been started. Those with gardens built simple corrugated steel Anderson shelters, covered over by earth. Larger civic shelters built of brick and concrete were erected in British towns and a blackout was rigorously enforced, by ARP Wardens after darkness. Around this time, the Home Guard (originally known as the Local Defence Volunteers) was also established. Their job was to defend the five thousand miles of Britain coastline in the event of an invasion by Germany. Who were these Home Front heroes who would protect the civilians from warfare? They were the children of Eagle and Hawk class of course! 

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Eagle and Hawk class travelled to Henley Fort and were immersed in Home Front life. They became the newest Air Raid Precaution Warden and Home Guard recruits and underwent vigorous training. Do you think any of our Year 6 children would have been a good addition to the Home Front?


Wow! What an amazing week - three Harvest Festival performances, three sittings of grandparents and family members enjoying some home cooked soup and an incredibly generous set of donations gathered for the Walton and Hersham Food Bank... Well done Year 6 and the entire Ashley School community! 

Both classes worked fantastically in the build up to and throughout the Harvest Festival services and sung 'Dig for Victory' loudly and proudly to show off their learning this half-term. The soup and rolls were well received and the children loved having the opportunity to serve their own family members and the wider school community as representatives of the school. 

Toby and Isla were fantastic narrators throughout and every child in Year 6 can be proud of their wonderful achievement. Have a look at some of our favourite Harvest images below:


This week, Year 6 have had the opportunity to take part in their own Great British Bake Off. They have been getting their hands dirty washing, peeling and chopping vegetables to be made into a delicious pumpkin and carrot soup. This is our practice session before our showstopper, where we will be preparing and serving soup to the grandparents and parents of Ashley school. If the soup tastes as good next week as it did this week, everyone is in for a treat


Year 6 have been learning about colour theory and the colour wheel in their Art lessons so far this half-term. They have then used their knowledge of colour and ratio to think about the colours of WW2. They were given a painting from WW2, which featured an image of a plane and tank battle. From this image they were then challenged with expanding the picture and using ratios to mix and create the colours that would be needed in their paintings. As you can see they rose to the challenge and were able to create some extremely good pieces of work! They created some really intricate designs with smoke, sky, tanks, planes and pathways. Have a look at some of their amazing art work below.


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