Ashley C of E Primary School

Welcome to Year 5

Falcon Class is taught by Miss Hood and supported by Mrs Pratt, Mrs Rides, Mr Wan and Miss Wood

Kestrel Class is taught by Mrs Thorley and supported by Mrs Lovekin and Mrs Lamont

Owl Class is taught by Mr Scurr and supported by Mrs Davidian


Take a look at what we have been learning about at school.

There is also additional information for parents at the bottom of this page.


AUTUMN TERM 2 : How can we ensure our oceans stay amazing?                                                              The principle of Interdependence

Autumn Term Curriculum Map

AUTUMN TERM 1: What journey does a river take? The Principle of The Cycle

Great Work

Year 5 have learnt a lot about rivers this half term. We would love to share some of our work with you all. We have chosen a piece of work that we are particularly proud of for you to see. Please open the pdf below and use the QR code to find them. We hope you enjoy reading them all.

Year 5 great work.pdf



Year 5 have learnt all about the beautiful world of diatoms. They are microscopic organisms which help provide our world with oxygen. The presence of diatoms in water helps us to know that the water is clean. They are also incredibly beautiful, often being called jewels of the sea. We were inspired by diatoms to make patterns using rotational symmetry. We hope you like them.

Water Science

We have been learning lots of different skills during our science lessons. Firstly, we separated a mixture of rocks, sand and water. We used a sieve first, then used filtering to separate the sand and water.  We have also been busy learning to use a thermometer accurately to measure how water cools. We have been investigating evaporation and condensation, setting up a fair test to see the variables that affect the rate of evaporation. We are learning a lot, but are having great fun too.


Year 5 had a great time playing conkers on Monday. It was fun to challenge each other. we didn't have an overall winner, but we enjoyed ourselves a lot.


Information for Parents & Carers

Suggested books for Year 5

Progression in Calculations

Year 5 Number Targets

Click on the above links to see a PowerPoint for progression of maths skills at Ashley school. These will be useful so that you are able to understand the methods your child uses, which may be different to the methods you use, so that you can best support them. Please ask your child which method they use as it will differ for each child. The key is that they are comfortable and secure in the method they use.  

Year 5 Class Novels

Kensuke's Kingdom Michael Morpurgo

Out of India Jamila Gavin

The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson-Burnett

The Odyssey Homer