Welcome to Year 5

Kestrel Class is taught by Mrs Athersuch and supported by Miss Bardel.

Owl Class is taught by Miss Drew.

Take a look at what we have been learning about at school.

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SUMMER TERM 2: How did the Ancient Greeks use the natural world? The principle of Oneness 

Ancient Greek Pottery

Owl and Kestrel class have been exploring how to use clay to make pots. They have decorated them with glamorous metallic paint and should be really proud of the final products.

Greek Plays

Year 4 were treated to an afternoon of tragedy, comedy and drama when Year 5 performed their versions of Ancient Greek myths which they had rewritten into play scripts. 

Greek Cooking

This week, Year 5 have been cooking up a Greek feast! They have made lamb koftas, greek salad and a tzatziki dip. The food all looked amazing and it was great fun to be able to share in eating it at the end of the day. The recipes have been sent home, with many children eager to show off their skills. Well done Year 5. 


Year 5 had a great time skipping to raise money at the skipathon today! Their cool tricks and endless laps of the track was great fun, and they certainly deserved their ice-lollies at the end of the day! 


Book Week

Year 5 had an excellent time celebrating book week and their love of reading! From extreme reading to a fabulous talk from author Guy Bass to starting The Odyssey, the children have all gone a bit book-mad. Their amazing costumes on Friday was an amazing way to end the week and long may the reading continue!

SUMMER TERM 1: What does Nature do for us? The Harmony Principles

Morris Dancing 

In PE this half term, Year 5 have been learning how to Morris dance. Dating back to 1448, it is based on a continuous rhythmic stepping and dancing with a partner. It's much more tiring than they first thought! 

Stay tuned for more information about our learning.

SPRING TERM 2: How can we experience India through our senses? The Principle of Health

Great Works - India Day

What a bright and vibrant day Year 5 have enjoyed. From their wonderful outfits and dancing to enjoying henna tattoos, Indian snacks and Bollywood film - Lagaan. The day ended with a Holi festival which the children (and teachers) just loved! What a great way to end our learning enquiries.

Kitchen Chemistry with Dr Athersuch

British Science Week starts this week and we were lucky to have Dr Athersuch in for the day to teach us about the chemistry of acids and alkalis. He brought along a red cabbage, which he used to make an indicator as it contains anthocyanins. This turned different solutions different colours - water, carbonated water, vinegar, lemonade and bicarbonate of soda. Acids such as carbonated water and vinegar, turned red or pink; alkalis such as bicarbonate of soda turned blue and neutral ones stayed purple.

Thank you Dr Athersuch for spending the day with us.

Yoga with Mrs Rich

Year 5 improved their strength and flexibility with Mrs Rich from Your Peak Yoga. They explored some of the different positions such as the lotus, downward facing dog and sun salute. What a wonderful way to end the week.

SPRING TERM 1: What will we see on our journey through India? The Principle of Beauty

Owl Class Cooking and Flavour Testing


Over the past two weeks, Owl Class have been treated to a variety of Indian food experiences. From cooking up an Indian feast with Miss Holden to flavour tasting Indian snacks, our taste-buds have been overloaded with flavour! We have thoroughly enjoyed all of their cooking, and definitely have a few more recipes to try at home now!

Kestrel Class Cooking

On Friday, Kestrel Class were the first year 5 Class to create an Indian feast fit for a Rajah! From saag aloo and raita to lamb samosas and garlic flat breads, the children had a fantastic time in the Harmony Centre learning cooking skills from Ms Holden. The whole class came together at the end of the day to enjoy their cooking as a super Indian Feast!

Uttarayan - The Indian Festival of Spring

Year 5 spent a wonderful morning creating tetrahedrons to put together to make a kite. Each class made their own and enjoyed running into the wind to test out the aerodynamics of their kites.

Welcome to Mumbai - Bollywood Dancing

This week, Year Five landed in Mumbai and were treated to an exciting Bollywood dance class. They learnt some facts about the history of the dance, the music and Indian culture. Watch the videos below and you will see how amazingly they took to dance moves such as The Lightbulb!

AUTUMN TERM 2: How can we ensure our oceans stay amazing? The Principle of Interdependence

TED Talks: Save Our Seas

Year 5 have created passionate and professional TED-style Talks about the trouble our oceans are in. Watch each class' below to find out how you can help!

Why is Light an important sign at Christmas?

Year 5 have been learning about how important light is at this time of year and why Christians see Jesus as the light of the world. All Friday, the children focused on making Christingles, having our own Christingle service, watching the flame to be reflective on how it makes us feel, finished off with a rousing rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas. The afternoon finished off with making some salt dough Christmas decorations using the symbols of the season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Carol Concert with Promenade Choir

On Sunday 9th December, Year 5 joined forces with the Promenade Choir at St Peter’s Church in Hersham for the annual carol concert. Owls and Kestrels has been worked hard since September on a range of Christmas carols and songs and boy did they raise the roof! We were very proud of their performances.

Investigating Sustainable Fishing

Owl and Kestrel classes were investigating fish this week and began the week with the children learning that vesica piscis is the name for the shape created when two circles overlap and it is also the same shape as a fish bladder! The children used vesicas to draw images of fish! They also explored the different methods of fishing and judged them on their merit of how sustainable they are. 

Owl Class Assembly

Using the story of ‘Finding Nemo’, Owl Class presented a powerful assembly yesterday on the problem of plastic in our oceans and how we all need to be part of the solution. With so much of our packaging and products made out of plastic, it is a huge challenge to address, but Owl Class were clear that if we all try our best to reuse and recycle our plastic, we can make a big difference today, tomorrow, next month and in the years to come. It was a great message to share, Owls, and we can see that you are definitely going to lead the way in the change you want to see!

AUTUMN TERM 1: What journey does a river take? The Principle of The Cycle

River Walk

Year 5 were very lucky to enjoy the warm autumn sunshine on Wednesday when they enjoyed their stroll down the river. They sketched the bridge, gathered data to use back at school and importantly, they even picked up litter on their way - sadly there was a lot! They learnt how important a lock and weir was to control the river levels to avoid flooding. Did you know there have been 6 'Walton Bridges' since the 1700s?

Thank you to the parents who helped us to walk the 10km!

How long is a river?

Year 5 were practising their estimating and measuring skills by measuring 'rivers' out on the playground this morning. They then returned to class to discuss sinuosity (the bendiness of rivers) and scale and how they could convert measurements between metres and kilometres!

Kestrel Class Assembly - The Wind in the Willows

Kestrel Class presented the first class assembly of the year and what a treat it was. They are learning about rivers this half-term in Year 5 with a particular focus on the River Thames, so they retold ‘Wind in the Willows’ with a twist as Mole, Ratty and Badger arrived for a picnic by the riverbank, only to find rubbish everywhere, ruining the spot. But, never fear, a bunch of intrepid Ashley School litter pickers appeared on the scene to clear away every last piece of waste so the three friends were able to enjoy their picnic with a delightful scene all around. The children concluded their most entertaining assembly with a fabulous version of YMCA, but revised to ‘Two Minute Clean’, referencing how long it takes to tidy up a litter-covered area. Thank you, Kestrels, for getting us off to such a great start on our class assembly journey.

What is the shape of water?

Year 5 started off their learning enquiry with a pop! We began by exploring the properties of circles and then we went outside to further explore why spheres are naturally the most effective shape - it has equal pressures!


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Progression in Calculations

Year 5 Number Targets

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Year 5 Class Novels

Kensuke's Kingdom Michael Morpurgo

Out of India Jamila Gavin

The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson-Burnett

The Odyssey Homer