Welcome to Year 5

Kestrel Class is taught by Mrs Athersuch and supported by Mrs Pratt and Mrs Rides

Owl Class is taught by Mrs Morgan and supported by Mrs Lovekin.

Take a look at what we have been learning about at school.

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SPRING TERM 2: How can we experience India through our senses? The Principle of Health

Relaxing Yoga with YourPeakYoga - Mrs Rich

Year 5 enjoyed calming yoga with Your Peak Yoga Monday morning in the Harmony Centre. They loved learning yoga flows and balances inspired by nature. Namaste!

Street Chaat with Angus Denoon - Jhal Muri!

Year 5 enjoyed sampling the many flavours and textures of Indian street food with Angus Denoon. From chickpea flour to tamarind sauces, all their tastebuds were set tingling!

SPRING TERM 1: What will we see on our journey through India? The Principle of Beauty

Year 5 Great Works - Travel Show

Year 5 entertained their parents Friday afternoon by enticing them to take a trip to one of the destinations they had learnt about this half term - Mumbai, Agra, Shimla, Amritsar or Kerala. The children had written travel guides and published them on Adobe Sparks Pages to make fantastic travel pages the Lonely Planet would be proud of.

Indian Cooking with Ms Holden

Owl class enjoyed a fantastic, homemade Indian feast with Breads, samosas, saag aloo and raita. The learnt the technique of folding samosas, how to dice food and how to eat with bread or hands! Thank you to the parent helpers who made the experience possible.

Bollywood Dancing

We started the week with some fantastic Bollywood dance moves in the Harmony Centre. Ambur tested our knowledge of India so far and then got sharing moves such as the lightbulbs, peacocks and Bhangra.

Welcome to India!

Kestrel and Owl Class have been exploring the symbolism of the Indian flag.

A true Indian flag must be made from khadi - homespun cotton and the colours represent reminders to the people of India.

Green represents the importance of nature and India's natural resources; white represents purity and honesty; and saffron represents religion. Year 5 explored the Ashoka Chakra, the dharma wheel in the middle of the flag, which represents the cosmic force of karma which keeps progressing and turning.


AUTUMN TERM 2: How can we ensure our oceans stay amazing? The Principle of Interdependence

AUTUMN TERM 1: What journey does a river take? The Principle of The Cycle

Great Works

Year 5 had the pleasure of hosting an afternoon of Lego WeDo for Year 3.  WeDo is a primary education resource developed for younger primary school pupils as an introduction to control technology and programming using robotics. It's a fantastic, simple-to-use tool that enables pupils to learn by constructing their own models and bringing them to life.  Year 3 had lots of fun constructing and programming a variety of models, including, robots, dams and vehicles with the expert guidance of Year 5.

River Walk

 On Monday, Year 5 ventured out for a relaxing walk along the River Thames to enhance their
understanding of their learning enquiry ‘What journey does a river take?’ We began our journey at
Walton Marina and strolled along the tow path up to Sunbury Lock where we stopped and discussed
what we had observed along the way. The children collected information making a tally chart of
things they spotted on and off the river. One of the highlights was that the Lock Keeper happened to
be on duty and he engaged the children with an interesting talk about the history of the lock. We then
watched eagerly as a boat approached the lock and marvelled at the way in which the water within the
lock rose and dropped to allow the boat to pass to pass safely from one side of the river to the other.
Another exciting part of the trip was when Miss Bardel and Mrs Morgan went across the bridge and
lowered a brick tied to a rope into the water, we had to estimate how far it had dropped: Our
estimations ranged from 2m to 50m! The exact depth was 2.62m. After lunch, we ambled on (Mrs
Morgan marched) towards Walton bridge to enjoy some calm, creative sketching time. We estimate
that we walked about 12km that day and understood more about the journey the river takes from
Walton to Sunbury Lock and back again! 

What is the shape of water?

Year 5 started off their learning enquiry with a pop! We began by exploring the properties of circles and then we went outside to further explore why spheres are naturally the most effective shape - it has equal pressures!


Information for Parents

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Suggested books for Year 5

Progression in Calculations

Year 5 Number Targets

Click on the above links to see a PowerPoint for progression of maths skills at Ashley school. These will be useful so that you are able to understand the methods your child uses, which may be different to the methods you use, so that you can best support them. Please ask your child which method they use as it will differ for each child. The key is that they are comfortable and secure in the method they use.  

Year 5 Class Novels

Kensuke's Kingdom Michael Morpurgo

Out of India Jamila Gavin

The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson-Burnett

The Odyssey Homer