Ashley C of E Primary School

Welcome to Year 4

Swan class is taught by Miss Higginson, supported by Miss Key and Mrs Perafan.

Kingfisher class is taught by Miss Casley, supported by Miss Porter, Miss Ferguson and Mrs Glands.

Heron Class is taught by Mr Salisbury and supported by Mrs Tanner and Miss Perrin. 

Take a look at what we have been learning about at school.

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Autumn 2: What was life like at Hampton Court Palace? Principle of Adaptation

Tudor Rose

During the first week of our enquiry, we have been learning about the battle of Bosworth and how the Tudor rose became a mixture of both white and red. Having learnt that Henry VII married Elizabeth of York, we made some of our own Tudor roses. We used paper to create a 3D one and compasses to draw a geometric one.

Our new enquiry is...

Autumn 1: How can we build community in Walton? Principle of Interdependence 

Some GREAT work... 

After eight weeks of working really hard and learning all about Walton as a community, and how to improve it, the children of Y4 spent the day creating a community of their own. They made buildings, roads, bridges, vehicles and even street signs for their community. The children discussed what would be best placed where and why. They worked collaboratively and created an excellent Swansville, Kingsville and Heronsville. We know we'd be happy to live there! 

Conker Day 2020

A very serious, annual event took place at Ashley this week... The look of concentration on the kids faces was priceless! 

We had a fantastic day playing with the conkers on 12th October, despite the cold weather! 

 Warm, wacky and wonderful Walton! 

Over the last few weeks, the children have been learning to write using persuasive language. They have worked really hard on their leaflets about Walton on Thames, ensuring all features of leaflets are included. They have thought up creative slogans for the town and have drawn beautiful pictures to go with their spectacular, persuasive writing... take a look! 

Year 4 Statutory Word List

 Please find the Year 3 and Year 4 statutory spelling word list below.


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Year 4 Maths Number Targets

Progression in Calculations

Suggested books for Year 4.pdf

Click on the above link to see a PowerPoint for progression of maths skills at Ashley school. These will be useful so that you are able to understand the methods your child uses, which may be different to the methods you use, so that you can best support them. Please ask your child which method they use as it will differ for each child. The key is that they are comfortable and secure in the method they use.