Welcome to Year 1


Butterfly Class is taught by MrsAtkinson (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri) and Mrs Bradford (Tues)

and supported by Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Shin. 

Frog Class is taught by Mrs Harris (Mon, Tue) and Miss Osborne (Wed-Fri) and supported by

Mrs Perrin.

Dragonfly Class is taught by Mrs Nawaz and Mrs Hart (Thurs) and

supported by Mrs Vesey and Miss Wood.


There is additional information for parents at the bottom of this page.

SPRING TERM 2: How is the Caribbean different from where we live? The principle of oneness

Caribbean Experiences
What an adventure Year 1 have had recently! We began our journey to the Caribbean quite literally by re-enacting a flight there. The children made passports and boarding passes which were checked before take off. 
As part of our Caribbean themed learning enquiry, Year 1 had the opportunity to listen to the beautiful live sounds of the melodic panman who came to play his steel pan drum. Please enjoy watching the videos of the children listen to the music. We all couldn't help but dance! The children were lucky enough to then try out playing the drum if they wanted to. We certainly have some budding future musicians at school!
Alongside these experiences, Year 1 have designed and made their own fruit kebabs as part of their Design Technology learning. They were delicious! Thank you to the parents who volunteered to ensure that this experience ran smoothly and safely.


Dragonfly Class Fruit Kebabs

SPRING TERM 1: How has our school changed since Victorian times? The principle of adaptation

Great Works!

At the end of last half term Year 1 typed invitations and sent them to their grandparents to invite them into their classroom for the Great Works. The children then shared with them a Victorians song and their own versions of the poem 'Please Mrs Butler'. The grandparents came prepared with stories to tell (and some photos!) from their own school days. Thank you to all that came. We hope you enjoyed it.

Enjoying Stories!


Last week Year 1 brought in their cushions and blankets from home to add to the joy of spending an entire English lesson reading stories. They listened to stories from the Milly Molly Mandy series which began a journey towards writing their own story inspired by Milly Molly Mandy's adventures. The children created a class plan, individual plans and recorded each other telling the story. Please see some evidence of this journey below which culminated this week with some fantastic stories being written. . 

Please Mrs Butler Poems


This week the children in Year 1 have been writing their own versions of the funny and classic poem 'Please Mrs Butler' by Allan Ahlberg. They have changed the teacher's and child's name and decided their own mischievous things that Derek Drew might do! They have been learning to use capital letters for proper nouns and how to layout a poem. Please enjoy reading some of them!

Victorian Playroom and Schoolroom

Last week Year 1 began their visits to the Victorian playroom and schoolroom in Guildford. The real life experience was fantastic and much fun was had by all. 

AUTUMN  TERM 2: How have toys and games changed? The principle of Interdependence

The Marble Mazes Are Complete!


The children (and parent volunteers!) have worked tirelessly to ensure the marble mazes were ready and wrapped to go home for Christmas. I think you will agree they are fabulous!

Wooden Marble Mazes


Year 1 are in the process of making their own wooden marble maze which they will give to a person of their choice as a Christmas gift. The children drew out 4 designs thinking about what their marble maze must have, such as a start and finish point, barriers for the marble to travel along and be rectangular. Once they had chosen their final design they were able to begin making it. The first step was to learn how to use a saw to  cut the pieces of wood, followed by learning to use a hot glue gun (with supervision!) to stick the pieces on the base board. We are very excited by how they are looking so far and the children have loved the making process.

A huge thank you to the parent helpers who have enabled this to happen.


Visit from Chertsey Museum


Year 1 had a wonderful day today experiencing toys of many ages. The children discussed the different materials toys were made from and how many of the toys made from metal would have only be enjoyed by those who could afford to buy them and that many wooden toys would have been made for children by family members. How many of our toys are homemade today? 

Every child got to experience playing with many of the toys and observing some of the very old, delicate ones. It really was a day to remember!

AUTUMN TERM 1: How can we be superheroes? The principle of Diversity



Year One have had lots of fun trying out the new gymnastic equipment in the hall. They have been balancing, jumping off benches, vault boxes and trestles. The children also climbed, hung and balanced from the new wall bars. A huge thank you to the FOA for supporting the funding for the amazing new equipment!

Year 1 Turf
The Year 1 team would like to say a huge thank you to the parents who came in for a Year 1 outdoor area working party a few weeks ago. They built the new wooden play house, sorted through the resources and helped to prepare and lay a section of brand new turf in the garden area. Without this amazing support from our parents we wouldn't be able to provide such lovely opportunities for our children. Thank you so much.
As a school community, we also owe our thanks to Surrey Turf and Landscapes who donated the 10 metres of turf to us for free! If you are buying turf in the future, please do consider them:


Superhero Day!

What a truly joyous day it has been for Year 1 today! The children came dressed as all sorts of superheroes; Batman, Spidergirl, doctors, firefighters and soldiers to name a few. 

Every superhero has completed a 'good deed mission' today and have helped other classes and adults around the school. Alongside that, the children have been designing their own superheroes, completing obstacle courses and making accessories for their outfits! Please enjoy seeing some photos of the day plus a video of Butterfly Class singing a superhero song which they just learnt today. Well done Superheroes!

Real Life Superheroes!


Year 1 were lucky enough to have visits from two real life superheroes last week, a police officer and a sea rescue volunteer. Huge thanks to Alex Judd and Bernard Wolff for giving up their time. 


Police Officer Judd

Lizzy's mummy taught us about the qualities needed to be a police officer such as bravery, fitness and fairness and how these help her to keep people safe and do the right thing. The children got to see and handle Officer Judd's medals, police radio and even try on her hat! We all laughed when she pretended to arrest Lizzy and put her in handcuffs. 


Sea Rescuer Wolff

Isabella's daddy explained how, as a volunteer he jumps into the sea and sometimes out of helicopters to save lives! He showed us photos of see rescue teams in action and explained how he has to have specific superhero skills to ensure he can keep himself and others safe at sea. 



Outdoor Performances!


Year 1 children have been joyfully treating their teachers and friends to show after show using their new stage, re-purposed from some wooden pallets. The children have made their own tickets to the show, making their own props and even created their own backstage area using the art easels!



Year 1 had the opportunity to spend some time in our beautiful school grounds last week and enjoyed picking some foods to eat. What a wonderful sensory experience it was!

Charlie's Superhero Underpants

Year 1 have enjoyed diving into the story of 'Charlie's Superhero Underpants'. They are using the story as stimulus for their own writing, focusing on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. They took the story outside to re-enact each part before taking pencil to paper. During circle times the children have been discussing how they can act as superheroes in everyday life and any other people they know of who are real-life superheroes. 

 AUTUMN TERM 2: How have toys and games changed? The principle of Health



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