Art, craft and Design



Ashley Pavement Art

This was on 8th July after school with 53 entries.

The Ashley Flower Show 2016

This year we had 5 categories

  • Planting on a Sports theme
  • Home grown produce
  • Crafts and 3D art on the theme
  • Art on the theme
  • Nature photography

Riverhouse Barn Exhibition 2016

Our annual art exhibition took place from Wednesday 6th - Sunday 10th July. Most of the classes went along to see the exhibition and many of the children expressed how proud they felt to have their work exhibited in public. Please do go along this weekend to see the high quality work that your children have produced over the year.

Ashley flower Show 2015

Ashley flower Show was a great success this year. The display of work submitted by the children was the best ever. The theme this year was Traditional Tales,

and as you can see there were many creative and inventive interpretations.

The categories were:

  • Cake and Bake
  • Photography
  • Planting on the theme
  • Art and craft on the theme
  • Grow your own

Here are some photographs of the wonderful exhibits. Everyone was a winner as the calibre this year was so high.

It was a truly fantastic summer exhibition.


Riverhouse Barn Exhibition

Harmony inspired art

The children have been working on refining techniques inspired by the teacher’s Harmony workshops held here at Ashley. The learning ranges from painting to 3d structures and embroidery. It’s clearly evident that through this learning children of a very young age are able to produce work of a very high quality.


The Arts Award Group – relief printing

The Arts Award Group have been using ‘found materials’ to create their own printing blocks and experiment how to use them to print. In the absence of an intaglio press they used large sheets of hard board to press their images. some superb results were achieved. Each one different. Learning how to experiment with a variety of media is all part of the learning process when working towards the award.

Harmony Exhibition

All the schools that have taken part in the Harmony workshop showcased their work in an exhibition at Ashley School on 15th July. Ashley hosted the fourth Harmony workshop last month. Sixty teachers from across Surrey have attended each of the four events through the seasons, starting last autumn, and many of our own teachers have benefited; sharing what they have learnt at staff meetings and taking new ideas into the classroom, integrating them into our children’s enquiries of learning and art activities.

This has been a unique link between the school and the Prince’s charity Prince’s School of Traditional Arts


The Arts Award Team Visit the Sculpture Park in Farnham

Eleven Year 5 children spent their Funky Friday at the Sculpture Park in Farnham. There are over 300 sculptures on display; even one from the Olympic Park.  The sculptures are placed in the most beautiful park, with lakes and lanes, hidden corners and open spaces. All the children were enraptured at each corner they turned. They enjoyed looking through the brochure to find out how much each of them were valued at. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford to bring one back to school, even though we would have loved to.

There were sculptures made of recycled materials, wood, bronze, stone, resin, glass and other materials. The group made some wonderful sketches, and took many photographs to use as part of their Arts Award accreditation. We all think that this Sculpture Park is well worth a visit, we didn’t even have the time to see everything there is so much there.

Ashley Flower Show

Well done to everyone for a fantastic display of talent at this year’s Ashley Flower Show. The range and quality of the contributions were the best that we have ever seen. In each of the categories the children showed their enthusiasm and passion for the arts in some way. Well done to the winners and runners up whose names were in this week’s newsletter. Thank you, also to all the parents for the encouragement and support they have given to enable their children to produce such wonderful results.



Art Exhibition at The Riverhouse Barn

There is an exhibition of the art work by children in Year R to Year 6 at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames. This is the second year that the school have chosen to exhibit their children’s work in this public gallery. It is a celebration of the art work that has been completed over the last academic year, displaying the great variety of media that the children have had the opportunity to explore this year. The work relates to the topics of learning which range from Antarctica to Africa and Rivers and Oceans to The Great Fire of London. The children have been delighted and enthused by seeing their work on display. Comments include: “I am proud to be in such an artistic school. I think the exhibition looks bright and creative showing lots of detailed work.” “I am astonished by how artistic the school has been this year. There is a huge variety of different techniques, colour and detail on display. It is a wonderful sight to look at and I love the fact that everyone has expressed themselves in a different way.” The exhibition runs until this Sunday 6th July (Saturday 5th 10 – 4pm and Sunday 6th 2.30 – 4.30). Do come along and be enthralled by this fantastic display of Primary Children’s work.

Clay Modelling at The Riverhouse Barn

20 children from Year 5 felt very privileged to be involved in a clay modelling session at the Riverhouse Barn recently. This was a follow-up session to a recording session that the children had already completed with the artist and potter, Graham Underhill, when they were in Year 4. The children were invited to have a look around the exhibition, watch the film they had helped with and in particular focus on the beautiful twin-headed statues of the Roman God Janus. The children then were shown, step by step, how to make their own Janus heads; one looking into the future and one into the past. Graham was wonderful with the children and they responded extremely well to his calm and succinct instructions. We can’t wait to see the finished results after they have been fired.

INSET – In Harmony

The teaching staff spent some of the time during their INSET day on 14th February exploring and creating artwork using inspiration from the Exploring the Nature of Harmony workshops. Together they have produced some wonderful hexagons using some new compasses that we have just purchased. These were inspired by blue and white ceramic hexagonal tiles from Turkey and Syria. Some of the designs are geometric, some are floral, some have mirror symmetry and some have rotational symmetry. When they are tessellated they look beautiful, even though they are all different. Well done everyone, a very creative and productive session.


What do we notice about trees and their colours as the seasons change?

In Year 3 the children have been investigating the changes that take place in trees as the seasons change. They have also been looking closely at how we can identify a season by colour.

They then linked this to their art work and used rollers and printing ink to create the background to these wonderful canvasses. The next step was to investigate wax-resist and the best materials to use for an effective end result. This medium was then used for all the circular leaves.

Finally, a small group helped to select the fabric for the trees, and some even had a go on the sewing machine.

Can you guess what canvas represents what season?

Well done Year 3!  These canvasses look magnificent.

New Art for our new Discovery Room

10 children from Year 6 together with Mrs Athersuch, Mrs Taylor, Miss Hunt and Mrs Stevens spent a lovely evening creating 4 new canvas for our brand new Discovery Room. The canvases have been designed to reflect the purpose and excitement of using information technology. Each canvas represents a different aspect of the learning that the children can be involved in: Discover, Explore, Imagine and Create.


How can we keep our oceans amazing?

In year 5 we are working hard to answer the enquiry question above. Whilst working on these canvasses we thought about the beauty of the ocean and the colours found in the deep waters. We had great fun using marbling inks to re-create this. The fish are all swimming together as a great shoal to the warmer waters.

Can you spot the air bubbles, button eyes and machine sewing?

Look at the moving water, which is your favourite section?

Which canvas do you think looks most like the ocean?


Canvas Printing

How do trees change throughout the seasons?

The children in Year 3 have been learning how to use rollers and printing inks to paint on paper and canvas. Together they have created 4 canvas backdrops for some new artwork in the Millennium Block. These canvases will depict the four seasons which link perfectly to the work they are doing in class on the changes they see in the tress as the seasons change. These will up on display in the next couple of weeks.

Riverhouse Exhibition

The Riverhouse Barn exhibited some amazing artwork that the children of Ashley School had produced over the year and this was the first time the children’s work had been exhibited at a local arts centre.  We hope to make it a feature of what we do each year as an Artsmark Gold School.