Ashley C of E Primary School

The Arts at Ashley

It is part of an embedded, long-term strategy of the school, to place the arts alongside the core subjects at the centre of its pupils’ education. Through the arts the pupils learn to develop a wide range of social, communicative and visual skills, as well as developing aesthetic appreciation, judgement and individual awareness.

Pupils are also naturally inquisitive and creative, so it is essential for all the school community to recognise the role of the arts in developing these contributions to human development and expression. Ashley Primary School pupils are entitled to high quality arts input both from our own staff and from visiting or locally based practitioners. 

At Ashley, we have a varied and exciting programme of Music running through the school. Alongside music lessons in class, the children perform in a variety of productions throughout the year. We also use music to sing as a whole school for key points of the Church calendar; Easter, Harvest, Christmas and Thanksgiving.
Music is an essential tool for bringing people together and having fun.

Singing Assembly:
Every week the school comes together for singing assembly on a Wednesday. The children have been working on their choral singing and singing in rounds and in parts. Harmony has also been incorporated into our choral singing and the sound is fantastic!

Class Assembly:
Throughout the year, each class performs their own assembly based on their learning enquiry. The school are treated to a rendition of a song with some clever word changes to suit the theme of the assembly.

Learning and Playing Music Together:
Children in Year 4 are very fortunate to be taking part in Surrey Arts ‘Tuning Up Programme’. They have the opportunity to learn to play either the clarinet or trumpet at a highly reduced cost. Over the year, they learn how to read music, play a variety of melodies and compose their own music. Their progress and talent is shared with the school and their families in performances throughout the year. The children all love these sessions and some continue their learning for years to come.

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