Ashley C of E Primary School

Harmony at Ashley School - a parent's guide

Nature's seven principle of Harmony provide a context for all our learning at Ashley School and allow our children to find a new way of looking at the world to ensure we work in Harmony with nature.

Below is a set of slides as a presentation that will explain our use of Harmony at Ashley.

The link to the video on slide 12 (Ashley Primary School, halving electricity use - Ashden Award winner)  is here.

The link to 'Sustainability for Kids' on slide 30 is here.

Our Harmony Song (see slide 17) may be heard below:
(Words: Lee Cowden & Richard Dunne, Music: Lee & Iain Cowden, Sung by Lee Cowden, Accompanied by Iain Cowden)

Why not listen to the Harmony Song whilst you take a look at the slides below?