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Online Safety

Here at Ashley, we take being safe online very seriously. We want our pupils to enjoy technology and the digital world and use it safely to enhance their learning. Each half term, the children focus on a different area of digital literacy or online safety and learn how to develop a positive relationship with technology.

Read on for our advice on how to keep safe online.

Keep up to date with the latest Online Safety news

Home - Ineqe Safeguarding Group

The ineqe group offer up to date information about the latest issues in keeping children safe online. Click the link above to watch their short videos and read more information.

Latest issues include:

> Poppy Playtime

> Yubo

> Roblox

Below is a short, child-friendly video about how children can stay safe online during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

Remember, if you have any safety concerns, please email 

Online Safety Parent Meeting

Please find the slides from our Parents Meeting on Tuesday 3rd March 2020:

Online Safety for Parents

Online Safety Guides

Parenting in a Digital World

Fortnite Guide

Snapchat Guide

TikTok Guide


YouTube Guide

GoCompare Broadband Controls


Recommended Apps to Support Learning

Here is a small list of apps that we can recommend to support your child's learning outside of school. They are free and some offer in-app purchases, so ensure that your security settings don't allow children to inadvertently purchase other things!


Grammar songs and games – a bit cheesy but catchy!

Maths Fast Plus

Column addition and subtraction practice (up to a million!)

Maths Rockx

Timestable practice!

Rhymers Block

 A smart, live rhyming dictionary.

Noisli – app and web

Create calming background sounds as alternative to music.

White noise also helps some children concentrate.

DK Ten Minutes a Day

 Timestable Practice

Great encyclopaedia instead of just ‘Googling’!

Sketch Nation

Create simple games


Pairs games, memory games, pattern recognition and recall.

DD’s Dictionary

A friendly dictionary for children to use on the iPads. Children can type in their guess and then choose from the word list.

Hairy Words

Spelling app for tricky words. Children have to play games and spell words. Use headphones.

Purple Mash and Serial Mash

So many tools to extend and support the curriculum.

Serial Mash – lots of reading books and comprehension questions. All children have an individual login.


Online Compass

To show that we are committed to Online Safety at Ashley School, we have signed up for the Online Compass E-Safety Accreditation. This is part of our ongoing development of Online Safety at Ashley. We are looking to progress to completing the E-Safety Mark from 360 Degree Safe.


Safer Internet Day – February

Ashley School celebrates Safer Internet Day every year as well as a focused session during our Tech Week.

The day offers the opportunity to focus on both the creative things that children and young people are doing online, as well as the role and responsibility that all stakeholders have in helping to create a better internet. Both Infant and Junior children explore the theme through an assembly led by the Digital Leaders.

Safer Internet Day is organised in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre in February of each year to promote the safe and responsible use of online technology and mobile phones for children and young people. 

Here are some resources for parents to use at home with their children to help begin an open dialogue about using the Internet.

What Can I Do Right Now – Checklist


Conversation Starters

We recommend the following websites to support your child's journey through the digital world:


Ashley Online Safety Rules

In our classrooms, we are reminded of the safety promises we have made with bright and colourful posters. Every term we are reminded of these rules in our Online Safety Assembly where we tackle issues such as sharing information, cyberbullying and safe research.

E-safety Posters

Our Online Safety policy is available on our policies page.


Past Online Safety Newsletters - now included in whole school newsletters





Reporting Concerns

Pupils are encouraged to share  any worries about what they see, do or experience online with a trusted adult. This includes your teachers at school.

We would also like to recommend that any major concerns are reported to CEOP or by contacting Childline on 0800 1111 or at