Ashley C of E Primary School

Physical Education


At Ashley, we aim to provide a Physical Educational curriculum which provides children with continuous opportunities to explore, understand and develop academic skill and ability within PE. In addition, we want Ashley pupils to be positive, active learners and use Physical Education to meet and exceed their mental, social, emotional and physical needs. Through our delivery of lessons and participation in competition and fixtures, as well as inter-school contests, we aim to provide children with the time to learn and improve skills and participate in competitive environments. This also facilitates our intention of teaching and demonstrating to the children the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, celebrating success and being respectful towards opponents.  


At Ashley, we employ our own specialised Sports Coach to help lead and support the delivery of Physical Education across the school. Not only does this allow children access to high quality lessons from a well experienced practitioner, but all staff have the opportunity to develop the quality of their teaching through observation and other continuous practice development opportunities (CPD). This increases the overall quality of school Physical Education provision.  

At Ashley, we follow the ‘Merton School Sports Partnership’ scheme of work. This provides all teachers access to a vast range of high quality active and progressive lesson plans across a range of activities and sport including Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Team Sports and a specialised EYFS programme. Lesson plans include guidance for differentiation and assessment as we work towards and challenge ourselves to exceed clear and relevant lesson objectives specific to national curricular expectations. Lessons are further adapted and differentiated to meet the specific needs of the children and of the school, including making good use of our facilities and meaningful cross curricular links to provide further context for the children’s learning. 

At Ashley, we offer before and after school sports clubs to children across the school. Clubs are consistently well attended and allow children to develop skills practiced in lessons in a more competitive and match realistic environment and develop teamwork and sportsmanship qualities. Clubs at Ashley are linked to external school fixtures and competition and the children are given the opportunity to play competitively against other schools which increases their understanding of the importance of winning and losing and behaving respectfully and empathetically.  

At Ashley, children are consistently praised throughout lessons for displaying positive effort and attitude benefiting their overall wellbeing. Children can also be selected as ‘stars of the session’ if they have behaved and performed especially well throughout the lesson. Further, children follow the ‘ASHLEY’ Physical Education mantra of being encouraged to be ambitious, supportive, honest, lively, empathic and yourself. This offers vast opportunity to display high quality values in their performance and behaviour and improve overall wellbeing.  


Physical Education at Ashley has a positive and exciting impact on the health, fitness and wellbeing of our pupils as well as their academic ability within the subject. Children will have learnt and explored the physical benefits of exercise and activity including development of agility, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance, as well as mental benefits including endurance, perseverance and resilience. Children will become more confident and skilled in a range of games and activities and improve their social skills working with other children. Children will know the importance of honesty and empathy and motivate themselves to be the best practitioner they can be. Children will leave Ashley well prepared for the step up of Physical Education and Sport at secondary level to be able to meet and exceed the increased levels of expectation they will encounter.   

Curriculum map and progression documents

Curriculum map Progression of Skills