Ashley C of E Primary School



Music is the universal language of expression and an essential cultural tool in a child’s holistic development. Through music, children can relax, create, discover and build and fortify rich, long-lasting relationships. Throughout the children’s time at Ashley, they will learn about the significance and diverse breadth of musical history, theory, performance and composition. Children will acquire and develop a rounded appreciation of music in their own lives, in their community and across the globe and nurture the ability to use music as a lens to view the world as they grow. 


Here at Ashley, music has been seamlessly integrated into our harmony curriculum to ensure your child enjoys a diverse academic experience. In class, children are given the exciting opportunity to explore music from reception through to year 6. The inter-dimensional elements of music are thoroughly visited, revisited, explored and honed both practically and theoretically. During our Great Works and at the end of each learning enquiry, children are encouraged to share their musical creations through varied mediums and platforms. As music is often a practically explored subject, progress is tracked through the class teacher’s assessment and through audio recordings to ensure that National Curriculum standards are upheld. 


Children that experience their primary musical education at Ashley are given a useful grounding to take into higher and further education. The impact of a high-quality musical education greatly supports a child’s accessibility to other subjects. Maths, history, religious education and the arts all share strong links with music. When music is taught correctly, a broader understanding of these subjects can be unlocked. Children will also develop their fine and gross motor skills during practically explorative lessons alongside their ability concentrate. Music is a wonderful tool to see social skills and confidence blossom over time, as music requires a great deal of collaboration and grouped performances that help a child to find their voice among their peers.  

Curriculum map and progression documents

Curriculum Map Progression of Skills Inspiring Individuals (coming soon)