Ashley C of E Primary School



At Ashley, we aim to provide a mathematics curriculum which inspires a real interest in the subject and its applications to the wider world, encourages true depth of understanding and equips our pupils with mathematical life skills. Through our engagement with the Maths Hub, we are developing a whole-school ethos of teaching mathematics for mastery. This aims to instil a positive mindset towards the subject, a culture of collaboration, a culture of learning from mistakes, misconceptions and provides opportunities to develop resilience in the face of a challenge for all learners. We encourage pupils to make connections and build on their prior learning in coherent steps, to ensure that knowledge and skills are deeply embedded. Key to our curriculum offer is the focus placed on developing pupils’ abilities to apply their understanding, reason mathematically and problem solve. We want Ashley pupils to think logically, systematically and be the problem solvers of tomorrow.


In order for the children to master fundamental mathematical concepts and develop their mathematical fluency, we employ the CPA approach and offer real-life contexts for their mathematical learning.

The CPA approach: 

Concrete Manipulatives– providing children with objects and resources to manipulate in order to build mathematical understanding through action, subsequently using manipulatives to represent a deeper understanding.

Pictorial Representations - providing opportunities for children to represent their mathematical learning through the drawn representation of concrete objects, developing towards more complex models, such as graphs, diagrams, images, and drawing.

Abstract – a more conventional approach to embedding mathematical facts, using written number and following formal written methods to represent mathematical thinking and problem solving.

We focus on ‘Quality First Teaching’ as a school, which in mathematics involves breaking learning points down into carefully-planned small steps (using the White Rose Maths Hub) to expose pupils to a variety of representations and contexts. Through our teaching, we aim to develop confidence and fluency in key mathematical concepts, structures, and strategies. This year, we are focusing on mathematical vocabulary in each lesson, to enable children to articulate their maths understanding and to apply their knowledge to a range of contexts.

It is our belief that every child can be a successful mathematician, we use pre-teaching to develop the confidence of the learners, to increase confidence prior to a teaching sequence and to embed essential mathematical knowledge which is needed to be successful in learning.

Pupils who grasp concepts quickly are provided with questions to think more deeply about the specific learning points, using concrete manipulatives and pictorial representations to demonstrate understanding and a variety of worded explanation strategies to articulate and develop deeper understanding.

We follow the National Curriculum objectives through White Rose Maths Hub, which provide a skeleton structure for how our lessons are taught. The White Rose resources are enriched through a range of resources, suitable to the needs of cohorts and are differentiated to ensure that Quality First Teaching is possible and embedded across the school.

In order to track progress and assess gaps, White Rose ‘End of Unit’ tests are completed, and the data used to inform the planning of discrete interventions and to shape the daily mathematical starters in lessons. Termly NFER tests are undertaken by the children and analysed by class-teachers and leaders to guide the needs of the learners.

We recognise the importance of motivating children in their learning. We support children further by providing all learners with online and interactive activities on Seesaw, Numbots and Times Table Rockstars. We celebrate effort and success in equal measure throughout the school with a class “Maths Superstar”, which is updated weekly and additional celebrations for extra-curricular mathematical activities.

In addition, we have developed links with local schools to challenge higher attaining pupils; entering local mathematics competitions, giving students the opportunities to showcase their mathematical thinking and to celebrate ambitious attainment.


The potential impact of Maths at Ashley is hugely exciting! We will create a generation of children who are interested, inspired and excited to learn more through thinking mathematically. They will be resilient learners, who are aware of the best methods by which they learn. Our children will leave mathematically fluent, with a secure knowledge of operations and mathematical language. Children will be able to articulate their mathematical thinking concretely, pictorially, abstractly and verbally and will be ambitious in their mathematical learning. Children will leave Ashley not just Secondary ready for Maths, they will be world ready and equipped with a full range of mathematical knowledge and skills which they are able to apply in a variety of new situations.

Curriculum map and progression documents

Curriculum map Times tables progression document Progression in Calculations - Subtraction
Progression in Calculations - Multiplication Progression in Calculations - Division Progression in Calculations - Addition