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At Ashley, we intend to provide a History curriculum that encourages children’s curiosity and gives them the skills necessary to equip them in becoming effective and passionate historians. We aim for them to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the past in order to better understand the world around themWe encourage them to question, make connections, and consider different viewpoints. Our approach to teaching History at Ashley is inclusive and adapts to the needs of the children in order to support them in making progress on their journey to becoming historians. At Ashley, we encourage children to build on their prior knowledge in order to progress in developing their historical concepts, skills and knowledge. 


All children from Reception to Year 6 study history at Ashley. We cover the objectives in the EYFS Curriculum and National Curriculum through different learning enquiries that focus on 4 key historical concepts. These are: 

  • Chronology 
  • Change and Continuity 
  • Cause and Effect 
  • Evidence and Significance 

In Reception, children learn history through the ‘Understanding the World’ part of the Early Years curriculum. They focus on their own past by talking about significant events in their lives and the lives of their family members. They also consider similarity and difference when thinking about themselves, others, families, communities and traditions.  

In Key Stage 1, children focus on developing their awareness of the past by asking and answering questions using everyday historical vocabulary. We support them in building their understanding of chronology through the introduction of timelines and encourage them to identify similarities and differences when considering historical evidence. 

In Key Stage 2, children further develop their historical understanding, with a focus on change and continuity and cause and effect. They develop their historical vocabulary with more abstract terms and build their understanding of British and world history by finding connections, similarities and differences over time. 


Through the way we teach History at Ashley, our children will develop their historical knowledge, skills, and concepts in order to understand the past and recognise how this affects the present. They will start KS3 with critical and analytical thinking skills that will not only support them in History, but across the curriculum. They will have a passion and enthusiasm for History and will be able to apply their skills as historians to their everyday lives. We envision that the historical concepts, knowledge and skills they learn at Ashley support them in being reflective problem solvers who consider the past when shaping their future. How will they change their actions today to positively impact the history of tomorrow? 

Curriculum map and progression documents

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