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At Ashley School, our curriculum is informed by the principles that help maintain the health and harmony of systems in the natural world. Our Harmony curriculum provides a clear context for all our learning enquiries and gives the children’s learning a clear purpose. We want our children to be passionate about learning and to understand and know how to take care of the wonders of the natural world around them as they complete their journey through Ashley and through life. 


At its core, our Harmony curriculum is about enabling a better understanding of God's world and of how life works interdependently through a complex web of relationships that work in ever changing, awe-inspiring ways. By teaching in such a highly interconnected way, children are encouraged to make links between their learning in different areas of the curriculum and the fundamental principles that exist in nature. They experience first-handthrough the curriculum, the interconnectedness of the world around them and by drawing on their ever-increasing knowledge, skills and understanding gained in different academic subjects, their thinking becomes more ‘joined up’. 


 Our curriculum is delivered through half termly learning enquiries that each have one of nature's principles of Harmony – Interdependence, Cycles, Diversity, Health, Beauty and Oneness – at the heart of the learning. Our school's values work together with the principles of Harmony to guide and influence us all. Each Learning Enquiry is based around a ‘big’ question and as children progress through their learning, they are guided towards developing their own answers to these through the use of ‘smaller’, more focussed weekly questions. The Principle of Geometry is weaved across the curriculum and allows the children to develop their skills during their journey at Ashley and explore the Geometry of Nature in great depth through each of their Learning Enquiries. High-quality teaching and learning experiences are supported further through a carefully planned programme of visits, workshops, partners in learning and outdoor learning. This ensures that the children are fully immersed in their Enquiries and allows them the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding with a Great Work; an opportunity to culminate the half term's learning with a celebration which brings together the learning in a memorable way. Our Great Works take many forms and are planned to give a clear direction to the half term's learning. We always share these Great Works with a wider audience. 


With the environment and nature at the heart of our Harmony curriculum, we aim to give children the ability to think for themselves, be resilient and have the courage to ask questions. Ultimately, we want the children to see that the Principles of Harmony are interwoven into all that we do and that they can teach us how to live more sustainably and to apply our skills in a meaningful way. Children will be motivated and empowered to learn, critically think about the world around them and apply their understanding effectively; Ashley children will be equipped to face future challenges. 

By revisiting each Harmony principle each year, the children will fully understand them and start to embed these principles into their thinking and way of living.  Ultimately, we want the children to see that the principles can teach us how to live more sustainably; they are a constant companion and reference point on our life journey. 

Curriculum map and progression documents

Bees and Grounds Overview

(Please note, this document will be updated over the coming term to include further information about the gardening and growing provision at Ashley).

Progression of Skills (Harmony Geometry) - Coming soon