The Principle of the Cycle

The third principle is that of the cycle. We need all our systems to reflect Nature’s cycles and create no waste. We need to get our children into the cyclical habit.


We can do this in many ways. We can get them to close the loop on food, growing it, harvesting it, preparing and eating it, and then composting any food waste back into the soil. We can ask them to review packaging so that the only materials we use are both sustainably sourced and able to be recycled. In our plastic dominated culture this is not easy, but it is a great challenge for them. We can work with them to learn about and enrich our local biodiversity, be it planting in avenues of native trees or banks of wildflowers. We can get them to manage our energy so that we consume less and save more. We know that reducing CO2 emissions is critical to a stable climate into the future. Without a stable climate, the cycles that we depend upon will be de-stabilised and increasingly unpredictable. Perhaps most importantly of all, we can help them to understand that cycles have limits and that if we live beyond these limits we undermine the capacity of the world to sustain us.