The Principle of Diversity

The richness and strength in our world lies in its diversity. Life would certainly be poorer without it, but how much are we asking our young to learn about and become experts in the amazing diversity that exists in the world?

In school we place great importance to this principle of diversity. We want our children to grow up understanding that diversity is a good thing and to give our children a role in promoting it. So we plant fruit orchards where every fruit tree sapling, be it apple, pear, plum or cherry, is a different variety. We grow different varieties of potatoes that are different shapes, colours and flavours. We plant and grow wildflowers with a focus on diversity so that the children can learn how richly diverse our wildflowers are. We learn about the incredible biodiversity of the rainforest by getting the children to practise and perform rainforest soundscapes. If you close your eyes, you really could be there.

Ultimately we want them to become authorities in diversity and to realise that we need to promote diversity in all things, including how we teach and learn, as much as how we plant and grow. This richness is what makes our world well.

Valuing the uniqueness of each of them is of course the starting point for this principle.