Aims and Values


Our Mission Statement

To provide a happy, caring, Christian environment where our children develop independence and self confidence whilst achieving their full potential.


Aims of the School

At our school and in partnership with parents, we aim to:

Ensure children acquire the progression of skills necessary for them to be independent learners.

Ensure all children experience success and reach their full potential by maintaining consistently high but achievable expectations.

Develop the ‘whole child’ in mind, body, spirit and imagination to ensure positive self image and self confidence are secure.

Promote the values of a Christian faith and help children to find their place in the communities and societies within which they live.

Ensure all members of the school community feel valued, happy and secure in their role within the school, regardless of ability, race, gender or creed.

Our Ethos


At Ashley School we believe that the ethos is in the detail. It’s a smiling face. It’s a cheerful ‘Good Morning’. It’s a culture that says thank you and well done. It’s about holding a door for someone or caring for a friend when they are hurt or upset. It’s about thinking before doing and making the right choice to do things right. It’s about a quiet prayer in reflective time as well as a cheer of encouragement on the sports field. It’s about remembering that detail every day, and correcting it when it goes awry.


It’s a striving to get it right.





Our Values

Towards this end we, together with a cluster of neighbouring schools (the Bridge Partnership), follow a monthly Values Programme.


               September 2017 - July 2018                                                              September 2018 - July 2019


September Respect               September Belonging
October Happiness   October Friendship
November Unity   November Freedom
December Love   December Peace
January Hope   January Honesty
February Trust   February Simplicity
March Thoughtfulness   March Understanding
April Appreciation   April Care
May Quality   May Confidence
June Fairness   June Cooperation
July Courage   July Responsibility