Reports & End of Year Assessment


This year for the third time we are including end of year assessment sub-levels of attainment on the reports to help you understand how your child is progressing in Reading, Writing and Maths against National Curriculum levels.

To put this information in a context, this sheet gives a summary of what your child’s sub-level means against the national standards.  The levels start at Level 1 and go through to Level 5 with sub-levels running from C to B to A so a 3A is a higher level of attainment than a 3C.  We hope you find this useful.

Reception Year

In our Reception Year the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.  There are seven areas of learning in the EYFS and each of these has its own Early Learning Goals. In the Summer Term, teachers complete an assessment against these goals which is based on what they, and other staff caring for your child, have observed over a period of time.  The following assessment criteria are used:

Exceeding – attainment beyond the Early Learning Goals.
Expected – working at the expected level of the Early Learning Goals.
Emerging – working towards the Early Learning Goals.

Year 1

Once the children reach Year 1, their levels of attainment transfer from the EYFS profile scores to the National Curriculum levels.  The expected level of attainment is 1B or 1A by the end of Year 1.  If your child reaches a 2C or possibly a 2B, then they are achieving to a high level and if they attain at 1C or are on the P Scales (P6, P7, P8) they are still not yet at the expected level.

Year 2

Year 2 is the end of Key Stage 1 and the expected level of attainment is 2B.  If your child is a more able child in Reading, Writing or Maths, you would expect them to achieve a 2A or a 3.  If your child is not quite at the expected level, they would be a 2C or possibly still a Level 1A , 1B or 1C.

From Year 1 to Year 2 we would expect the significant majority of the children to progress 2 or 3 sub-levels so, for example, if they reach 1A in Year 1, we would be expecting them to be at 2B or 2A by the end of Year 2.

To give you an overview of Year 2 results, here is a summary of the past 4 years.  Overall these results are significantly above national averages.

Year 2 – Level 2  ’14 ’13 ’12 ’11 
Reading  100% 97% 93% 88% 
Writing  100% 95% 93% 90% 
Maths  100% 100% 93% 93% 
Year 2 – Level 3  ’14 ’13 ’12 ’11 
Reading  51% 48% 53% 51% 
Writing  29% 25% 27% 25% 
Maths  47% 48% 48% 47% 


Year 3

As the children move into the junior years, their learning takes many of them into Level 3 learning.  During the junior years the expectation is that the children will make 1 or 2 sub-levels each year.  So a child who attains at Level 2A in Year 2 would be expected to reach Level 3C or 3B by the end of Year 3.

Year 4

By the end of Year 4 the children should be 1 level or 3 sub-levels further on from where they were in Year 2 so if they were 2A in Year 2 we would expect them to be at 3A in Year 4.  In some cases they may be even higher.  It may be that they are only 2 sub-levels further on by the end of Year 4 and this would need careful attention as to why 3 sub-levels had not been made.

Year 5

At the end of Year 5 we would again be looking to see the children make 1 or 2 sub-levels of progress.  Our more able children will be moving their learning to a good Level 4 or into Level 5.  If they are at 3B or below, we need to keep working closely together with your child to ensure they reach the expected Level 4 by the end of Year 6.

As they move through the junior years the children may occasionally make 3 sub-levels or 1 level of progress over just one year.  This would clearly be exceptional progress.

Year 6

In Year 6 the children take SATs test in May and they will receive end of Key Stage 2 results based both on the SATs and the Teacher Assessments (TAs).  Most of the time the SATs and TA results should be the same.  Sometimes children do not perform as well in the more pressurised conditions of the SATs tests and they may be assessed lower than expected.  It can also go the other way, of course!  This year we had a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) test as part of the English, along with the Reading and Writing.  93% achieved Level 4 in the SPAG test, 80% attained Level 5.  We also had Level 6 attainment in Maths (3 children), Writing (4 children) and SPAG (2 children).

Our expectation is that the children will make 2 levels or 6 sub-levels of attainment from Year 2 to Year 6 and hopefully a little more.  So an attainment of 2A in Reading in Year 2 would lead to an attainment of 4A or ideally 5C by Year 6.  To give you a flavour of how our school is attaining in Year 6, here are the SATs results for the past 4 years in English and Maths.  Please note that in a year group of 30, currently the case in Year 6, each child’s score is worth 3.3% of the total.

Year 6 – Level 4 ’14 ’13 ‘12 ’11
English 97% 97% 100% 97%
Maths 98% 97% 100% 90%
Year 6 – Level 5 ’14 ’13 ’12 ’11
English 68% 70% 69% 70%
Maths 64% 70% 63% 57%


As you can see, these results are consistently high, especially at the higher Level 5 attainment, and put the school at the top end of Key Stage 2 results both locally and nationally.

We hope this information is useful.