Friday, 20th April 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Summer Term Newsletter No. 1

Welcome back, everyone. We hope you had a good Easter break and your children are refreshed and ready for a
good final term of the academic year. What beautiful weather we have had this week. As ever, our aim is to make
the learning as interesting and engaging as possible for the children, whilst securing the core skills of English and
maths. The enquiries this half-term are as follows:

  • Reception Year Which stories do we love and why? The Principle of Oneness
  • Year 1 What is my favourite wildflower and why? The Principle of Diversity
  • Year 2 Why are Ashley’s bees and bugs so brilliant? The Principle of Interdependence
  • Year 3 What are the traditions of Africa? The Principle of Oneness
  • Year 4 How did the Ancient Egyptians live life in balance? The Principle of Oneness
  • Year 5 What does Nature do for us? The Principles of Harmony
  • Year 6 Where is there Awe and Wonder in the Alps? The Principle of Adaptation

    Here are the key dates for the Summer Term.

  • Saturday, 28th April – Working Party at 10am
  • Thursday, 3rd May – Otter Class Assembly
  • Thursday, 10th May – Butterfly Class Assembly
  • W/b Monday, 14th May – Year 6 SATs Week / Year 5 in Bude
  • Saturday, 19th May – Chamonix Sports Day / Royal Wedding
  • Wednesday, 23rd May – Thanksgiving Services at 10.30am and 2pm – School and Year 6 Parents
  • Friday, 25th May – Year 4 Green Stall


  • Monday, 4th – Friday 8th June – Book Week
  • Thursday, 14th June – Class Photos
  • Saturday, 16th June – FOA Summer Fete 12 – 3pm Monday, 18th June – Year 6 Eagle Class to Chamonix
  • Thursday, 21st June – Squirrel Class Assembly
  • Monday, 25th June – Year 6 Hawk Class to Chamonix Thursday
  • 28th June – Rabbit Class Assembly
  • Friday, 29th June – Reception Year Green Stall
  • Thursday, 5th July – Hedgehog Class Assembly
  • Friday, 13th July – Ashley Flower Show
  • Friday, 13th July – Year 6 Production
  • Saturday, 14th to Sunday, 15th July – Ashstock
  • Wednesday, 18th July – Track Events for Sports Day – Infants am / Juniors pm – Parents to Attend
  • Friday, 20th July – End of Term at 2pm

We really hope that lots of you will be able to join us for our Working Party a week tomorrow on Saturday, 28th
April from 10am to midday. If the weather is fine, the children can play out on the field. With so much growing
planned for this summer, we would love to have a good turn-out to support us with preparing the grounds for the
season ahead. We look forward to seeing you there.

Alongside the Working Party, Jenny Wilson has kindly set up a Gardening Club every Wednesday afternoon
from 2-4pm. We would be delighted if some of you could come along for an hour or so before the end of the
school day and then either collect your child(ren) for the second part of the session or carry on while they are at a
school club. On Wednesday, we had our first Gardening Club and we had just one parent. We hope we can build
on that number from next week.

ARTS AWARD 2017-18

Well done to the 11 children from last year’s Year 6 who successfully achieved their Arts Award Explore
accreditation from Trinity College London: Mollie Evea, Anais McCarthy, Callie Rayner, Killian Smith, Grace
Elkins, Grace Gilligan, Marina Lasa, Pippa Tester, Jessica Adams, Valerie Arinze-Agwu and Bailey Shore. We
are extremely proud of you all for all the hard work that you put into your sketch books. Here is the feedback
about your work from Trinity College: The portfolios were beautifully personalised and glowed with creativity.
The young people charted their art form knowledge and understanding throughout the portfolio and brought
originality to their methods of display. All areas were carefully evidenced to show how the criteria had been met
and evidence was used appropriately to complete the assessment report forms accurately – Well done!

Our Value in school this month is Appreciation. We are thinking about appreciating one another, appreciating the
wonder of God’s creation in the world around us as everything comes to life again, and appreciating the unique
qualities of every one in our school. As we know, noticing and valuing the good things in one another is so
important to a happy school and community.


We seem to have gone from winter to summer overnight. With the warmer weather now, we request that you
ensure your child has a hat in school every day. If it is particularly sunny, please apply some sunscreen as we
won’t be able to do that for every child each day. Thank you for helping us to keep the children protected in the
summer sunshine. Let’s hope we have lots of it!

Some staff have just received inhaler training from the school nurse, she has asked us to remind you that if your
child has had an inhaler for some time you should ask for an asthma assessment at your local surgery to make sure
that the inhaler is still needed.


Our next meeting is THIS Monday, 23rd April at 8pm in the spare Year 6 classroom. Items on the agenda include;

  • An update on the school library (£1,466 of FOA funds has been allocated to library renovations)
  • Playground plans (£1,500 of FOA funds has been allocated to improving the Yr 1 outside space)
  • Pedestrian improvements around the school

Funds to pay for extra SEND resources to support children across the school with dyslexia and
sensory needs
If you have views on how you would like to see FOA money spent, then why not come along. We’d love to see
some new faces!

Get Creative! You can dress as your favourite royal, a member of Queen or simply deck yourself out in red, white
& blue, pop on a crown and join our family fun run! Prizes for best costume... and maybe even a Royal Visit!!!

We will be at the school gates every Friday, 2.45-3.15pm - come & find us at the Royal Box Office!
Alternatively, please post an entry form with cash/cheque in the FOA box.
Race tickets & entry £3 per person
£10 for a family of 4
(Ticket prices include all races!)
Gates open at 9:30
Full Warm up 10am
Older Children’s Royal Run 10:15
Family Royal Run 10:35
Adults ‘4 minute mile’ 11am
Street party & wedding coverage from 11am
1pm Winners medals and Tug-of-War (Meghan V Kate)
More sports & games will be a played on the school field during the afternoon, with the Royal Wedding being
screened in full!
Join our street party until 2pm.
Beef-eater's BBQ, Royal Tea Rooms & Harry’s Bar available.
Dig out your crown and get ready to run!!!

Do you run your own business or work for a company based locally? Would you like to support the FOA by
advertising in the programme for the Ashley Summer Fete?
Join a growing number of brands and reach our highly engaged, local Ashley families.
The programme is A5 and full colour. Ad space is filling fast so don't delay as you may miss out...this offer is
exclusively for the parent community at this stage but will be opened out to the wider business community at the
end of April. Please contact the FOA for details of the rate card or if you have any questions.

One or two of you have asked recently whether I am still on secondment. The answer is No! I was on
secondment last calendar year, but that finished at the end of December and, as you will probably have noticed, I
have been back full-time in school since January. There will be occasions where I might be out of school for one
or two days, but otherwise I am very much around. The one time I am out of school this half-term is on
Wednesday, 2nd and Thursday, 3rd May, when I have been asked to speak about the work of this school, our
Harmony curriculum and our food growing initiatives, as part of a conference to be hosted by The Prince of
Wales at Dumfries House in Scotland. I will keep you informed if and when there are other dates.

Finally, our Year 1 children were touring our school site this week, looking at and learning about the different
wildflowers in our grounds. They are becoming little experts in wildflowers and wanted you to know the names
of the two wildflowers at the entrance to the school by the bus stop. The tall white flowers that look like grownup
snowdrops are called Loddon lilies and the purple coloured flowers with the flecked petals are called snake’s
head fritillaries. You may already know the names of these flowers, but if you didn’t, Year 1 hope you enjoyed
learning this!

Here’s to a great Summer Term!

Yours sincerely,


Richard Dunne


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