Wednesday, 19th July 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,


Summer Term Newsletter No. 13



So we come to the end of a hugely productive year, a year in which the children have blossomed and grown, and our school has literally grown before our eyes, too. We congratulate each and every child for all the good progress they have made over the year. Right through from our youngest children in Reception to our oldest in Year 6, they have worked really hard and contributed much to school and community life. We wish our Year 6 children all the best as they move onto secondary school. It has been a pleasure to have you, Year 6, and we look forward to hearing of further great success in the years to come. We have a number of other children through the school, who are leaving us this year for various reasons. We wish them every success in their new schools. They are:

  • Sophie Watkins
  • Molly Cowden
  • Ruby Edwards
  • Stefano Dondiago
  • Josh Crowson
  • Neve and Harry Moat
  • Mackenzie Reid
  • Arabella Compton-Dando



Alongside the children, we say a sad farewell today to a number of staff. Elaine Brooks, who has been such a star in our Reception year for the past 15 years, is moving on. She has been the most wonderful servant to the children in their first year at the school, greeting them with a smile every day, organising the learning so carefully and being such a reliable, loyal member of our Reception team for so many years. We are really going to miss you, Elaine, but thank you most sincerely for all that you have done for the children over so many years.

We also say goodbye to Emily Penney and Jade Lefevre. Emily has been such a happy, smiling presence in our school since joining the teaching team. She is such a positive teacher with a lovely sense of humour and the children in her care have really blossomed. In addition to that, Emily has consistently given beyond the call in terms of PE, running sporting events and helping the children to enjoy a wide range of sports and competitions. Emily is moving onto Danes Hill in Oxshott and we know she will prove a great success there, too. Thank you, Emily. As many of you know, Jade left the school a couple of years ago to go travelling. She returned to the school last year and is now moving to a new school in Roehampton that looks out over Richmond Park. Jade is such a nature lover and has really inspired the children in her care with her fascination for the natural world. Have a great time at your new school, Jade, and thanks for all your hard work in Year 3.

Although thankfully not leaving for good, we wish Gemma Sargeant all the best with the arrival on No. 3 in early September. Thank you for all the great work you have done in Year 1, Gemma. We can’t wait to meet your baby very soon. Finally, we want to recognise all the amazing work that Sienna Alcock has done as our Clerk to Governors at the school. Sienna is stepping down from this role this term and she has been truly outstanding in this role. The good news is that Sienna will be staying on as a Governor from next term so we will be able to benefit from her expertise in a slightly different role.



Our final assembly this morning was the Book Prize assembly when we announced the Book Prize Winners for the Summer Term. We have been delighted with the progress and attitude to learning of the following children, who have stood out this term for the exceptional work they have produced. We say very well done to:

 Hedgehog Class                    Beatrice O’Malley

Squirrel Class                         Naomi Francois

Rabbit Class                           Luca Beggiato

Frog Class                              Teddy Mason

Dragonfly Class                      Ethan Mannix

Butterfly Class                        Evan Pockett

Otter Class                              Izzy Kent

Fox Class                                Max Matlock

Robin Class                             Daniel Todd

Skylark Class                          Isla Fletcher

Kingfisher Class                     Seonghun Park

Swan Class                              Jess Dowson

Owl Class                                Joe Paddon

Kestrel Class                          Zach Sutton

Eagle Class                             Liam Piper

Hawk Class                             Theo Giannini



We also celebrated four children this morning whose artistic flair, attention to detail and skills in geometry have resulted in some outstanding artwork this year. Congratulations for the Art and Design Prizes go to:

Infants                                     Henry O’Malley

Lower Juniors                         Molly Barker

Upper Juniors                         Lydia Richards and Killian Smith



The Sports Awards this term go to Brianna Reid and Jayden Mortimer. Brianna receives hers for her incredible 600m run in Sports Day and for all her enthusiasm in PE lessons. Jayden receives his for his have-a-go attitude and willingness to throw himself into al that he does in PE. He has shown real determination and perseverance. Congratulations to them both.



We had a very enjoyable Ashstock over the weekend and thank you to all of you who carried your camping gear into school grounds to set up camp for the night. Did you sleep well?! It was a lovely event to end the school year. We are particularly grateful to Faye and Tania for ensuring the whole occasion ran so smoothly and to everyone who supported in whatever way was needed.



You will all have seen the apricot tree at the front of school that has been laden with fruit these past few weeks. On Monday, Darrel, our gardener, took every class out to pick and eat an apricot. Class by class, the children came out and plucked a tender apricot from the tree before enjoying its delicate taste. We are so lucky to have so much food growing in our school grounds and there will be much more to harvest when we return in September. Thanks, Darrel.



This time last year, I wrote ‘Next week our building contractor for the school expansion will come on site’. Now they are on the home run and will be extremely busy during the summer holidays, making sure everything is ready for the new academic year in September. The main two-storey building is already in good shape with just the carpets, the ceiling tiles and toilet areas to finish. The end classroom to the far right of the Jubilee Block needs a little more work, but is well under way and will be completed for the start of next term. It will be the class base for Otter Class. Our hall extension will be the main focus for the build works over the summer as there is still quite a bit to do there. We also anticipate that this will be done by September.

 You will be delighted to know that the Year 5 temporary classroom block is being taken off the playground in mid-August so we will get that much needed playground space back. We will then be able to get the playground remarked early in the new term. We are planning to include some new markings, too.

 As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are also having our heating system upgraded and our roof replaced in the main school. This is thanks to grant funding we received this year for premises development and we are delighted to be able to get this work done at the same time as the main build works.

 Please note that the scaffolding for the roofing will still be in place when you return and will be round the main school for a several weeks as the roof works is a big job.



This week each family was given a free copy of a Values Poetry Anthology. This book was created by our local values schools and includes artwork from Ashley children, as well as six poems selected by our School Council earlier in the year. It really is a beautiful book which celebrates Values education. We hope you enjoy it.



The cost of school dinners is: £165.60

£73.60 - 1st Half Term (32 days)

£92.00 - 2nd Half Term (40 days)

The amount for the Full Term will be uploaded onto Sco-pay on Friday 21st July 2017

The cost of a meal is £2.30 per day. Please ensure payment is made prior to the term or half term start if paying in two installments. If you would like to pay two weekly (£23.00), please ensure payments are made in advance so that your account never falls into arrears. If your account falls into arrear you risk forfeiting this payment option.

Please notify the School Office of any meal changes before the end of the Summer Term.



Thank you for all of you who have donated your used computer ink cartridges as part of the Eco Council led Empties Please programme. We earned the school £55.30 from this which is no small amount. Most importantly, we have saved these cartridges from needless landfill waste. We will let you know when we’re up and running again next term.



What an amazing year it has been - not only on the fundraising side, which has been phenomenal, but also on the amazing events and team effort. We are so lucky at Ashley to be able to hold such fabulous events with all age groups and all years coming together to celebrate the community we have. It is times like that which remind us how lucky we are to be a part of it.

 The effort each person puts in to any one of our events, be it large or small, is truly admirable – thank you so much.

 We must also say a big thank you to our Committee - our Secretaries, Suzanne Todd and Amy Maddocks who have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure everyone is supported and paperwork is completed over the past year. Tracey Stone and Cath Winkley who have been our Treasurers for the past 2 years, and who have made sure the books are balancing and monies counted. And finally to our Committee Members, Katie Brindley, Kathryn Taylor and Verity Williams who have not only got involved in the organisation of many of the events but also supported the Committee by pulling together essential documents to make all our lives a whole lot easier.

 Sadly 5 of our Committee are stepping down this year. Firstly, Sharon who is is off to Geneva with her family. Who knew when we stepped up to Co-Chair last September how much fun we would have, how much we would learn, or much we would manage to fit into one day! But it has been such a rewarding year and we are sad to see Sharon go.

 Suzanne Todd, Amy Maddocks, Cath Winkley and Verity Williams will also be stepping down after a sterling effort - it really has been a pleasure working with you all!

 And that just leaves us to wish you a restful and sunny summer holiday and we look forward to you all returning in September and hopefully each finding a little time to support the school in whichever way you can.

 Many thanks for a fantastic 2016-17 school year!

 Lindsey & Sharon, and the FOA Committee



It just remains for us to wish you all a very happy and safe holiday, wherever you may be. We look forward to seeing most of you back here on Thursday, 7th September and we send all of you moving onto pastures new our very best wishes. Thanks for a great year, everyone.


Yours sincerely,



Richard Dunne




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