Friday, 15th February 2019


Dear Parents,


Spring Term Newsletter No. 6



This week, the children have concluded their half-term’s enquiries with a range of Great Works.

  • Year 4 began the Great Works out on the playground on Monday, when they presented their solar system learning and all the fascinating facts they had discovered over the half-term. With the planets set out in order from the sun, they had lots of great information to share.
  • Year 3 were next up on Tuesday afternoon when they performed their captivating soundscape of the rainforest and sang an Amazonian rainforest song. They also shared their beautiful rainforest projects.
  • On Wednesday, Year 2 performed their self-written puppet shows to a room full of proud parents. Over the half term, Year 2 have been learning about traditional tales and how to twist them to create their own versions. The children designed and made their own puppets in DT which were the best quality we have ever seen! Well done, Year 2!
  • Year 5 had done some most creative work on the ipads promoting a visit to India and all the amazing places there are to see. They loved the opportunity to use Adobe Spark pages to present their learning.
  • Yesterday, Year 6 completed their ice sculptures, which continue to melt on the playground in the early spring sunshine as a powerful reminder of the impact of climate change! They also filled the hall with their eye-catching posters, reminding us why we should protect Antarctica, the last true wilderness of the world.
  • Year 1 invited grandparents and family friends into school to ask them what learning was like when they were at school. They then confidently sang their Victorian School song and enjoyed some juice and biscuits.
  • Reception reflected on their learning journeys this half-term and how they would like to improve their work further over the second half of term.



Our ‘tech’ days got off to a great start yesterday with the Digital Leaders presenting an assembly on being safe online. The message was clear - never give out your personal information and always ask an adult if you see something online that makes you uncomfortable. 

 Each year group has had a different focus for their day.

  • Reception have been inventors and have been building their own computers.
  • Year 1 had a visit from Ralph and Thomas Fairie’s Uncle Kevin who is an animator. They then created their own animations.
  • Year 2 created their own fairy tale quizzes, thought about how we can be safe online and did some incredible coding with Code Camp, creating their own computer games.
  • Year 3 were being games designers. They also used Scottie Go and the iPads to program and follow algorithms to solve problems.
  • Year 4 had a visit from Jacqui Oakley, a TV presenter. She talked about her experiences and shared some top tips to help them with their you tube videos.
  • Year 5 had Gian Campetti in to talk about his life in engineering and then used the Lego wedo (programmable Lego) to find 'Life Hacks' such as the Super Duper Pooper Scooper or bedroom alarms!
  • Year 6 visited Three Rivers School to explore BBC Microbit, Hour of Code and Logic Lab.

 A BIG thank you to ALL our wonderful volunteers who have inspired the children. Thank you the FOA who have funded many of the computers, iPads, Lego and Scottie Go that we were able to use.

 We finished our fantastic two days with a whole school assembly where teachers awarded their top ‘techies’ of the day.  The digital leaders also selected the winners of the ‘design a computer game’ competition. In first place was Laith C in Year 5. Second place went to Freya T in Year 6 and third place went to Samantha F in Year 2. The runners up prizes went to Isabella C, Alfred W, Emily AW, Lucy M, Ollie S. Well done to all who entered it was such a hard choice as there were so many great ideas. A BIG thank you to the FOA for their support in providing the prizes for this. 

 To see a snapshot of our ‘tech’ days click on the link below.



Following on from the success of the junior running club, the Infant Sports Committee would like to offer a before school Infant Running Club during the Summer term. To do this, the committee needs some wonderful parent and carer volunteers please. The weather will be warmer and the mornings lighter - so why not come and run around with the children? You don't need to be an athlete, just available to help with changing and providing encouragement. If you would like to find out more about volunteering, that would be fantastic, please get in touch. We've yet to confirm which morning it will be as it will depend on volunteers’ availability. Please email or speak to Mrs Beresford (Dragonfly Class) with your contact details. 



Here are our three top tips for reducing plastic waste. More to come after half-term!

  1. Did you know? Plastic bottles remain the second most common single-use plastic polluting the planet. In the UK, that’s over 35 million bottles a day! Carry a reusable water bottle with you and download the free app to find free water refill stations in the UK.
  2. Switch to solid soap bars- there are lots of choices available. This will significantly reduce the number of plastic bottles used for hand wash and shower gel.
  3. Switch to getting your milk from the milkman. Locally, milk gets delivered 3 days a week, and it’s a great treat to have it waiting for you in the morning.


 Events and volunteers:

We have loads of fun events in the pipeline for the coming year. However none of them can happen without volunteers to run them. We promise you’ll never be abandoned! The committee will always be on hand as will many others who have run the events before.
First up we need a volunteer to organise the Juniors Film Night. If you’re prepared to help, please get in touch or we will need to cancel this popular event.

 Approved spend requests:

Thank you to those who came to our meeting and to Louise Athersuch who came as a guest speaker. Feedback is that it was great to hear directly from the teachers so this is something we will try to do more often.

 We approved just over £20,000 of requests at the meeting! Once again, the thanks go to our full community. Without your on-going support, none of this would be happening. Watch this space (and Facebook) for further updates and the full minutes from the meeting will be shared next week.

 Play Project - £9,500

  • Additional set of 16 iPads - £6,000
  • Reception Play Items and Area Improvements - £1,100
  • Forest School - £265
  • School Guinea Pigs - £220
  • Year 1 Small World Resources – £210
  • Lost Property Box – £200
  • Prizes for the Children throughout the Year - £100
  • Juniors Sports Kit for Matches - £1,100
  • Ashley Bees - £1,500

It’s exciting to see how our money can have such a positive impact.


Masquerade May Ball

The week after half term is when you’ll be able to order your tickets to the ball! Please find attached both the order form for tickets and everything you need to know in our handy FAQs. If you would like to know anything else before placing your order for tickets, please contact someone in the organising team directly at school or via the FOA FB page.

 We love to hear from you so do get in touch with Gill or Fahima –



Please note that our next Local Governing Committee meeting will take place on Thursday, 21st March at 7.30pm. If any of you would like to come to Part 1 of this meeting, you are welcome to attend and observe. Please would you let me know if you would like to attend Part 1 of this meeting and I will pass on your name to our Clerk to Governors so that he is aware you will be there.



Have a good rest over half-term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday, 25th February at the usual time.


Yours sincerely,



Richard Dunne




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