Friday, 28th April 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,


Summer Term Newsletter No. 2



Each year group is settling into their new enquiry of learning for this half-term. As ever, the children have been enjoying rich, meaningful learning whilst still practising the core skills of the curriculum. Here is a flavour of the learning across the school this week:

- Reception have been enjoying the Gingerbread Man story. They have made gingerbread men using scales and weighing skills and today have been challenged to build boats to support them in their design and technology.

- Year 1 continue their learning around the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They have been using role play and speech and using some adventurous ‘said’ words. They are also using their DT skills to make lighthouses today.

- Year 2 have been discovering the different types of honey bees, learning about the queen, drones and worker bees and how the shapes of their bodies differ. They have been putting this information into their own information texts.

- Year 3 continue to love learning about Africa and its many cultures and traditions. They have been exploring the many different flags and using their fraction knowledge to describe them.

- Year 4 have been exploring the Great Pyramids of Giza. You may have seen the impressive large scale pyramids they made from bamboo canes on the playground. In their maths they have been exploring square and triangular numbers to make pyramids. In writing, they have been describing a journey down the Nile.

- Year 5 have been exploring the wild and alive habitat that is our school field, looking at the insects that surround us and their habitats. This has inspired their fictional story writing.

- Year 6 have been appreciating the beauty of maps. Using mathematical scaling and their sketching skills, they have been making their own beautiful maps of France. They have also been enjoying writing Alpine adventure stories.



On Monday, Year 3 enjoyed an Africa day. We all came to school in bright, colourful clothes. In the morning we did some traditional South African dancing in the Harmony Centre. Some parts were tricky but it was really fun. Then we spent lots of time looking at maps and better understanding the different parts and countries of Africa. We then made our own: we used sandpaper for the Sahara desert; we used green paper for the mountains; blue paper for Lake Victoria; and long bits of tissue paper for the Nile and Congo rivers. At the end of the day, each class performed our dance to each other; they were both really impressive. It was a fun and enjoyable day.

A report by Carla and Amber



Year 5 have been working alongside the organisation Biz School to develop our business and entrepreneurial skills. On Friday last week, Andrew from Biz Schools introduced the challenge of us making our own business. We then spilt into groups and began to design our business ideas – we also decided any profits would be used partly for charity and partly for a day out for us. We learnt all about finances, including costs, profits and breaking even. We learnt about the four Ps of marketing: product, price, promotion and place and planned them into our ideas. This week on Wednesday, each group visited the Bears’ Cave (the Harmony Centre), where we had to pitch our idea to the Bears: James and Andrew from Bizz School, Mr Cadman and Izzy Hancock (an ex Ashley student). As we presented, the Bears challenged us with questions on our business proposals. Each class had one winning group: Seven Guyz Cinema (Ashley, Seth, Lance, Tom, Danny, Henry, Anthony) from Kestrels - a business showing films in the hall to our school; and Kidz Mag (Nancy, Isabella, Jemima, James G, Aidan, Talal) from Owls – a children’s local newspaper. Even though there were just two winners, the whole class will now support them in making their business a success.

A report by Ashley and Seth



On Saturday, Friends of Ashley organised for Happy’s Circus to visit the school field. It was a fantastic day with lots of people attending (in fact, it was a sell-out). Before the circus events, there were lots of fun things to do such as face painting and a BBQ. The circus show was held in a Big Top tent with benches all around the ring. There were some amazing acrobats performing. There was also a ring master and clowns who threw Brussel sprouts at the audience. It was great to have the circus back at Ashley. We had a wonderful and fun day. Thank you to the FOA for making it happen!

A report by Megan and Jazmine (Year 5)



On Monday we travelled to Stompond Lane to take part in the Elmbridge Schools Tennis Tournament. When we arrived, we had some time to practise before Rob, the tennis coach, asked us all to come and sit down and he told us the rules. Our teams played lots of different schools and both teams lost two matches and won three matches. Unfortunately, we were just 1 point off going into the final but we were really happy that we came 3rd out of 12 teams.

A report by Chloe-Jane Evea, Zach Cheung, Thomas Lowe and Catherine Boon.



Thank you to all of you who attended today’s second hand uniform sale – both purchasing and contributing clothes. A special thank you to Cecile and her helpers for putting this on. The school community greatly appreciates it.




Family Sports Day - Saturday 13th May

Still dreaming of your days playing school rounders or always imagined yourself as a bit of a cricketer?! Well now is your chance to shine at the FOA Family Sports Day with a few rounds of Kwik Cricket! We would love to see every class represented on the day with a team of 10 made up of family pairs (1 adult & 1 child)…and the spectators will be well catered for with a BBQ, Bar and ‘cricket teas’ too so keep the date free! More information is included in the attached poster & entry form, and watch this space for more from your Class Sports Day Leaders!


Happy’s Circus Update

We are thrilled to announce that Happy’s Circus made an incredible £3,270 for the FOA!! A big thank you to the lead organisers Jorgina Robinson and Heather Lewis, and their fantastic support team, as well as to all those who helped and came on the day. It really was a great event!


FOA Meetings - Open to all

Thank you to all those who came along on Tuesday night to the FOA Meeting. It was another great meeting with lots of discussion around FOA events and how the school can best use the money we raise.

The next, and last, Meeting of this academic year, is going to be held during the day which will hopefully open it up to those with evening childcare issues. So please do put the date in your diary and come along if you can - Monday 19th June, 1.30pm to 3.00pm in the Harmony Centre.


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FOA Events Coming Soon

Family Sports Day - 13th May

May Ball - 20th May

Summer Fete - 10th June

FOA Meeting - 19th June @ 1.30pm

Ashstock - 15th to 16th July




We are sad to say goodbye to Angela Fiveash who has been leading our kitchen for part of the week for over a year now. Angela was well liked by both children and staff at Ashley and we are very sorry to see her go; we wish her all the best in her future ventures. .


Yours sincerely,



Richard Dunne



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