FOA Event Guidelines


Guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful delivery of an FOA event

  1. Agree an event date at the FOA meeting with the Chair (Georgie) and Mr Dunne.
  2. The event organiser will need to check the school’s availability via the school office (Laura) e-mail
  3. Once the school office has confirmed availability for use contact the FOA Secretary (Lara) e-mail, who will make the room booking. The event organiser will need to provide to the FOA Secretary the following information:
    • Forename
    • Surname
    • Home address
    • Contact telephone number
    • Time of use “to” and “from”
    • Nature of event
    • Selling of alcohol
    • Estimated number of people
    • Facilities required (i.e. hall, site manager, classrooms and kitchen)

    Once the FOA Secretary has confirmed the room booking then the event organiser can proceed with planning and delivering the event.

  4. The event organiser is responsible for all the event publicity (i.e. book bags, posters around the school, Mr Dunne’s newsletters), and website updates e-mail to Neil at The event organiser should check with the FOA Chair first before releasing any publicity to ensure parents are not overloaded with too many events at the same time.
  5. The event organiser is to ensure all written communication via e-mails to the school office are sent to the Chair and not directly to the school office (Enrica). The Chair is responsible for the timely delivery of all FOA e-mails to the school. This is to ensure school parents are not overwhelmed with lots of FOA messages. Please send your e-mail to the Chair (e-mail: on the Monday before release by the school office (Enrica) on Wednesdays. This also allows time for Mr Dunne to review.
  6. The event organiser is responsible for the use of FOA shed. All items used from the shed must be returned in a neat and tidy state.  A suggestion would be for either the event organiser, or a nominated representative(s) to stand by the shed and instruct helpers on where to return the items. Should the FOA shed not be in a tidy state after an event, then it would be expected for the event organiser to return at a later date to tidy up.
  7. The event organiser is responsible for the use of the school kitchen. Please ensure at least one person on the organising committee is kitchen trained by Rachel in the kitchen. The event organiser must sign off the kitchen checklist at the end of an event.
  8. Should the event require business sponsorship please speak with the Chair first before approaching local companies, as the school has an agreement in place with a local estate agent.
  9. The event organiser should attend or nominate a representative from the organising committee to attend the FOA meetings to provide progress updates to all.

Thank you


FOA Chair & committee