About the FOA


The Friends of Ashley (FOA) comprises parents and staff of the school. Members of the community who do not have children at the school may be accepted as non-voting members of the association.

As a local charity, the FOA provides invaluable support to the school by organising many social and fundraising events throughout the year.


The money raised by the FOA goes towards providing extra facilities and equipment for the school to complement and enhance the enjoyment and learning experiences of our children.

If you have views as to how you would like to see the money spent, then please come along to the meetings.

The FOA depends on the on going and active support of parents to enable it to continue to contribute so much to the school.

How to get involved

The FOA holds regular meetings at the school. Meeting dates and minutes are published on the website.  It is always lovely to see new faces at the meetings and the FOA welcomes you to share your ideas for fundraising activities. The meetings are very informal and you can attend as frequently or infrequently as you like and do as much or as little as suits you.

FOA committee

Sharon Moat (Co-Chair)

"I have two children at Ashley, Harry in Year 4 and Neve in Year 2. I started going along to FOA meetings when I was a Class Rep a few years ago, and then put myself forward to organise last year’s Christmas Bazaar, along with a few friends. During my time at the school, I have become increasingly passionate about enhancing the community spirit through social events, whilst at the same time raising valuable funds for the school. So although being Chair of the FOA had never featured on my Bucket List, when Georgie decided to step down, Lindsey and I felt we may just about manage to rise to the challenge together and give it a go! I hope we do you proud!

When I don’t have my FOA hat on, I’m kept busy being a full time Mum, and look forward to our precious weekends and holidays when we can spend valuable time together. I also love a good sing song and enjoy going to Rock Choir each week to learn a new song or two! I am nearly always at drop off and pick up and would love to have a chat if you ever want to know more about the FOA and how you can get involved."

Lindsey Blake (Co-Chair)

"I have three children, Theo in year 6, Ollie in year 4 and Kitty in year 2. Like so many of us I was really keen to get involved and have been class rep for each of my children in their reception year – a great way to meet everyone and find out what’s going on!

I run my own inventory business based locally in and around Walton, a decision made after baby number two with the hope of not commuting into London anymore. I am lucky to be able to drop off and pick up most days.

I also help at 9th Walton scouts as Assistant Group Scout Leader (in training!) as I have a beaver, cub and soon to be scout.

I have been promising myself to step up to Chair for the past couple of years and am very excited to have been voted in with Sharon to be Co-Chair.  After the excellent work of Georgie and Lara last year taking forward the FOA we all share the vision of a PTA that communicates and listens to the parents."


Amy Maddocks (Joint Secretary)

Amy Maddocks (Joint Secretary)

"I have four children. My eldest Megan finished her time at Ashley in July 2016 and is now enjoying secondary school with all the amazing skills she picked up at Ashley. Imogen is in Year 3 and Ewan is in Year 1 and they are both flourishing at Ashley. My youngest will hopefully join Ashley School in September 2017!

I was a keen mum and attended the FOA AGM in 2009 when Megan was in reception. It was there I met a few lovely ladies and together we took on the May Ball. I have since organised many of the FOA events. I thought that life wasn't crazy enough so I decided to take on the role of secretary alongside a good friend of mine!

I am a qualified teacher although I am currently writing new National Curriculum material alongside childminding. I am usually at school at both drop off and pick up should you need to me."


Suzanne Todd (Secretary)

"I have two boys. Matthew ‘graduated’ from Ashley in July 2016 and has settled quickly into secondary school life using all of the great life skills he learnt at Ashley. Daniel is a ‘Robin’ in Year 3. He is passionate about ALL sports that involve a ball! I have been involved with the FOA since September 2009 when I attended my first AGM and found myself volunteering to organise the next May Ball with three other new reception mums. Three May Balls later and I thought it would be a good idea to contribute to the school in a different way and put my legal skills to good use…..!

Amy and I will make sure that all of the admin required behind the scenes will be managed efficiently and importantly share with the school community details of everything that is happening under the FOA umbrella."


Tracey Stone (Co-Treasurer)

"My eldest daughter started at school in 2014 and I wanted to get involved with the Friends of Ashley in order to get to know more about the school and the various fundraising events.  I was keen to help out and at that time the previous Treasurer was looking to hand over the duties and responsibilities to someone else.  With a little persuading I stepped up and recruited Cath to help with the role.  I have really enjoyed getting to know more parents throughout the school and counting the fundraising money!"


Catherine Winkley  (Co-Treasurer)


"I have Isabelle who is in year two and Hannah who has just started in Reception. I have been a stay at home mum since 2010 so when I was approached by Tracey to join her in the position of Treasurer I decided it would be a very good thing to add some diversity to my very child-orientated life! I love being able to get involved with the school and gain a greater understanding of the wonderful work done by the FOA, I also hope to learn a few things along the way too!

Nothing makes me happier than hearing my children laugh together. My favourite days are lazy family Sundays at home, cooking and eating a big roast dinner with the music playing, wine in hand!!!"

Tracey Stone, co-Treasurer, explains the role of the FOA Treasurer:

Main duties
We are the co-Treasurers of the FOA.  Between us we sort out all the day-to-day transactions in the playground, issuing cheques for expenses and collecting takings from the various events.  We then note the transactions and keep the accounts on a spreadsheet.

Normally each event committee will organise their own finances but at the bigger events, Summer Fete and Christmas Bazaar we issue the floats and count the money once the stalls are finished.  A team of 5 of us can usually get the money counted and banked by 6pm on the day of the event so long after the last cup cake is sold we are still adding up behind the scenes!

Reporting and budgeting
At each FOA meeting we report on any income and expenditure since the last meeting and report the available funds after subtracting the committed costs we have agreed at the previous meetings.  We put a budget together at the beginning of the school year based on the events we have agreed at the FOA meetings and present it with the previous year accounts at the annual AGM in September.

Charity Commission annual report
At the end of the financial year, 31st August, we complete the Charity Commission annual report.  This involves summarising the activities we have held during the year and getting a qualified person to audit the accounts.  Once they have been agreed we file the report online and it is available to view and compare to previous years.  Our charity number is 1024028.


Katie Brindley (Committee member)

Katie Vaughan (Committee Member)

"I have two boys at Ashley, William, who is in Year 2 and Max, who is in Year 1. When there was a request for a wider FOA committee, I decided that this would be a great way for me to help to contribute to the school and the FOA in a meaningful way. I’m really looking forward to working with Sharon and Lindsey and the rest of the new FOA committee.

Having two boys means I have no choice but to love sport and I can be found most weekends on the side of a sports field cheering them on! I’m probably at my happiest though surrounded by my family and friends with a cheeky glass of Prosecco in my hand!"

Kathryn Taylor (Committee member)

"I have two children at Ashley - Freya in year 4 and James in year 1. I joined the FOA and Christmas Bazaar Committee in 2015. I really enjoyed the experience and being part of something that contributed positively to the School and when the idea of a new larger FOA committee was proposed I was keen to be a part of it and help in any way I could.

I work part time locally as a Governance Clerk and when I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family and my friends."

Verity Williams (Committee member)

"I have two daughters, my eldest Amelie is in Year 2 and Carys will be starting school in 2017. I attended my first FOA meeting this September which gave me insight to the amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. I decided that joining the committee would be the best way to get more involved and contribute to the school. I'm looking forward to getting to know more parents and working with the rest of the committee on this year's fundraising events."