Bude - Adventure International 2018

Sad Goodbyes

After dancing until the wee hours (9.30pm), we were slightly bleary-eyed on Friday morning, but we were greeted with an early breakfast rather than a morning run. Some of us were pleased at the missing morning run, others were a little sad, but it was time to pack! After the children had crammed their washing into their bags (and left a lot of it under their beds!), we went down to begin our morning activities early - we had to cram in High Ropes and the climbing and abseiling. Some of us were feeling nervous at being so high, but as we'd spent the week trusting our tutors and building our confidence, everyone had a go and by the end of each session, there was a queue for the leap of faith!

2pm came around too quickly and we loaded onto the coach. Our tutors came out to wave us goodbye and lots of people fell asleep before we'd even left Bude. 

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic week!

Fantastic Thursday! 


The clouds have finally cleared and the sun shone down on us for our last full day in Bude. With mountain boarding and canoeing to have a go at, the penultimate day certainly didn’t let us down!

 After a short walk to the mountain boarding hill, we were ready to suit up for some hill surfing! We had a quick introduction to the board and how to stop and then we were ready to go. Clad in knee, elbow and wrist pads we slowly climbed up the hill, and then quickly raced down it on our boards. As our confidence grew, we edged further up the hill until we were finally racing from the top all the way to the bottom.

 Canoeing meant heading back down to the canal for our third and final type of river cruising. In boats of three we headed downstream, where fun challenges and games awaited us. Highlights included trying to get everyone in the same boat and racing to collect as many floating toys as we could. After a few total overboards and some near misses we headed back to base.

 The evening bought with it one of the highlights of the week – the presentation night. After a fun final evening tutor session and some disco dancing, certificates and prizes were handed out, with the bottle, joker and superstar awards finally revealed. It was the perfect way to sum up this week’s achievements and we finished in style, with some truly epic dancing!

Wet Wednesday! 

Wednesday brought with it the Cornish rain, but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. We had a jam-packed day of body boarding and the team trail, two very different activities but equally as fun!

Body boarding once again required us to squeeze into our wet-suits and we headed down to the beach. After a selection of warm- up games and perfecting our glide in the shallow water, we were ready to hit the waves. Moments later, we were riding along the waves and enjoying every minute of it!

In order to be successful on the team-trail, we had to work together and use our problem solving skills. With a whole range of different activities, tunnels to squeeze through, and obstacles to overcome teamwork was the name of the game. Awaiting us at the end of the course, were the dunk pool and water tunnel, providing a soaking end to a very fun day!

This evening’s entertainment was the talent show! Ashley children didn’t disappoint with a fantastic array of circus skills, jokes, gymnastics and singing – what a talent bunch they are! Off for an early night as tomorrow night is the big Presentation night when we find out who will have won the Joker, Bottle, Superstar award and the all important Super Team!

Tuesday – A-maze-ing caves


After the success of Monday, today had a lot to live up to – and it certainly did! Starting with another morning run and hashbrown breakfast, the children were awake and ready for the day. Today has bought new activities – caving, mountain biking and dragon boating!

Caving provided the ultimate challenge, weaving and crawling their way through tunnels, the children conquered the Bude cave system! With three different zones to explore and extra challenges along the way, teamwork was all important.

The mountain bikers were quickly on their bikes and off to explore the surrounding hills. Racing down the hills and exploring different trails, our intrepid cyclists tested themselves on the different courses. There were a few exciting tumbles but the children were quick to get back in the saddle.

Dragon boating was a much calmer affair, but by no means less skilful. They had to use their team skills, working together to power the oversized canoe down the canal.

To top off the evening , the children donned their finest fancy dress for a disco and dance competition! Ranging from ninjas to 80s chicks we had most decades covered, the children (and teachers) danced the night away!

Monday – Surf’s up!

We woke to beautiful Cornish blue skies (they’re different to Surrey ones) and headed out for our morning run down to Summerleaze Beach. This got us hungry for our hash brown breakfast – the breakfast of champions.

Once we had finished eating, we got ourselves ready for this morning’s activities – surfing or kayaking! Groups I, J and Y squeezed themselves into wet suits, whilst groups K, L and Z donned their buoyancy aids for kayaking.

Once the surfers were down at the beach, they practised their moves on their surf boards and the steps it takes to be able to stand up on the board – lots of the children were determined to do this.

The sea was chilly but the surf was good. All the children had a fantastic time practising their surf moves and some were lucky to stand up and ride some waves – gnarly! 

The kayakers put on their lids and carried their paddles down to the canal or the river and began to explore the gentle waters and perfect their technique. They were challenged by their tutors to play games, learn how to slice the water to go faster and also how to turn around in their kayaks! They were then challenged to stand and sit on different parts of their boats, which tested some of them and resulted in a few overboards, including Mrs Athersuch!

The sun continues to shine into the evening as the children play with their tutors on some team-building challenges. They are all looking forward to dinner before karaoke tonight!

We have arrived!

After a super journey down, we arrived at around 3pm at Adventure International to blue skies and warm sunshine. The children have met their tutors and settled into their rooms.

Tomorrow we have surfing and kayaking and more sunshine is forecast!