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Kingfisher class is taught by Miss Beeby and supported by Mrs Davidian.

Swan class is taught by Miss Greaves and supported by Mrs Ovenall.

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Autumn 1: How can we prepare for a Tudor Banquet? The Principle of Adaptation

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Swan Class Assembly: The Tudor Dynasty

Swan Class took us back to 1485 when the Tudor dynasty began. The children took us through the Tudor period with a focus on the six monarchs that reigned England, including Henry Vlll and his 6 wives! We discovered fascinating facts about each monarch, finishing with Elizabeth l ending the Tudor dynasty in 1603. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Tudors and this was the perfect way to bring our learning together for all to enjoy.



Harvest Festival Performance

In Year 4 we have been learning about the Tudors. As part of our learning we spent the day at Hampton Court Palace. We discovered the Great Banquet Hall and we thought how wonderful it would be to have a feast. But… How did the Tudors prepare for their banquet?

Let us take you back to the reign of King Henry VIII. “Long Live the King.”
The year is 1535, King Henry wants to show off to his gentry. He tells his servants to prepare a feast.
The greatest feast there ever was.
“But what to eat?” They asked.

King Henry VIII, the noble sportsman, has an idea.
“I shall go to the forest and collect such delicious treats.
Hunting, I shall go and bring back a doe!” 


So with his gallant men of the court, King Henry goes a hunting.
Upon their steads they rode through the forest.
Bearing their arrows and keen eye looking for the prize.

Upon a glade, they spotted a rabbit.
“How quaint it would be to have some pie filled with the most scrumptious game.”
The gallant men pulled back their bows and shot into the air
Rabbit pie was now on the menu.

But suddenly, through the trees, the gallant men saw a flash of brown.
The horn was sounded as the men shouted,
“A deer, a deer, the best prize for a feast!”
Turning their horses they stampeded into the trees.
King Henry, filled with haste, pulled back his arrow which pierced the beating heart.

Trumpets sounded as the gallant men paraded into the court.
“A most wonderful celebration we will have.” The crowd cried.
The noblemen and the gentry filled the halls.
Table upon table filled with the most delicious meats.
A sign of Henry’s fortune.

Long live the king! Long live the king! Long live the king!


What did we learn at Hampton Court?

As we arrived at Hampton Court, we saw the beautiful Palace. There were chimneys as high as the clouds. First we went to Henry’s Apartments and saw the Great Hall. It would have been filled with many people eating and drinking for banquets. Next, we went to the haunted gallery and saw amazing painting’s above a creepy staircase. Apparently, the walk way (The Processional Gallery) is haunted!

After that, we went to the large Tudor kitchens where they prepare banquets. We saw some meat being cooked over a dazzling fire! They call it a spit. We went for a tour around Hampton  Court and went into the most amazing places ever! We saw the old crown. Not the original one - of course, but a replica.  It was amazing!

We also went to the  Gardens. It was bursting with wildlife and filled with many spectacular trees cut into various shapes. We had a fantastic day!

What is in our body?

This week in Year we have been exploring our bodies and what is inside them. The children's knowledge was challenged to draw and label a human body with what's inside it. WE discussed bones, organs, systems and some odd things too! The biggest surprise was the fact that skin is an organ too. It is the biggest organ in our body. We also learned that the intestines come in two parts- the large and the small! Have a look at our photos below to see what we knew!

Who were the Tudors?

Year 4 have started their learning enquiry on who were the Tudors. WE have been exporing the Tudor family and all the gory bits! In English, we are exploring the pivotal Battle of Bosworth which allowed the Tudors to rule on the throne. We are also looking at our learning enquiry as a whole and questioning what we want to find out about life as a Tudor. We have begun our learning with portraits of the Tudors, recognising them and looking at their proportions to draw accurate pencil sketches of the portraits. We made sure to measure so we could draw a 1:1 scale of the portraits.


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