Welcome to Year 3

Skylark Class is taught by Mrs Ready and supported by Mrs Shin alongside Mrs DeQuincey.

Robin Class is taught by Mrs Morgan and Mrs Harris (Fri am) and supported by Mrs Heavens alongside Mrs Salmon.

Woodpecker Class is taught by Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Harris (Tues) and supported by Mrs Attwood-Smith alongside Mrs Caswell and Mrs Pockett.

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Sayers Croft Information

Please find below a link to a kit list to prepare for the Sayers Croft residential trip.

Sayers Croft 2019 Kit List

SPRING TERM 1: What makes rainforests so awesome? The Principle of Diversity

Busy Learning!


Year 3 have been very busy with their learning last week, impressing their teachers with their skills of focus and concentration when presenting a beautiful non-chronological report about their chosen rainforest animal. In PE we have been exploring how to create a sequence of different balances and rolls and our artwork has been linked to the animals found in the different layers of the rainforest.

Exotic Animal Visit

Earlier this week Year 3 were treated to a visit by Tropical Inc. and their amazing exotic animals. Steve, the animal keeper brought snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders, birds, a skunk and a desert hedgehog for them to find out about, look at and handle. Every child was given the opportunity to handle an animal and most of them said yes! When asked what the cleverest and most dangerous animal in the world is the children were shocked to discover that it's us humans. It put our potential fears of these harmless creatures into perspective and gave us courage to get that bit closer. 


How did the Roman army achieve so much? The Principle of adaptation

Year 3 Autumn Term Great Works

Year 3 invited visitors in and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with them. They made a grand entrance to fully exhibit their stunning Roman shields and their handmade mosaics were arranged together to create an impressive display. Some time spent looking through their beautifully presented topic books was appreciated by all. Thank you for coming.

Chertsey Museum Visit

Chertsey Museum visited us to share a mixture of genuine and replica Roman artefacts. The children got to handle the replicas and observe the genuine ones. Writing on beeswax tablets was a new experience and not the sort of 'tablets' the children are used to! They all thoroughly enjoyed being immersed into Roman life.

Roman Shields and Formations

Year 3 became Roman soldiers using their geometry learning to create these stunning symmetrical shields. We then took the shields out into the battle/playground to re-enact traditional Roman soldier formations.

Image result for Roman army

The Roman army was the backbone of the empire’s power, and the Romans managed to conquer so many tribes, clans, confederations, and empires because of their military superiority.


Information for parents

Sayers Croft meeting Powerpoint

Suggested Reading Books for Year 3 

Progression in Calculations

Year 3 Number Targets

Click on the above links to see a PowerPoint for progression of maths skills at Ashley school. These will be useful so that you are able to understand the methods your child uses, which may be different to the methods you use, so that you can best support them. Please ask your child which method they use as it will differ for each child. The key is that they are comfortable and secure in the method they use.