Book Week 2017 Writing

Inspired by visiting storyteller Kevin Graal and by the stories from other cultures they explored in class, the children created their own powerful narratives during Book Week. We are proud to share extracts from some of the children's writing on this page.


Year 1

One day in a village in Kenya, Mama Panya was baking some scrummy pancakes but one jumped out of the pan and rolled out of the door! First the pancake went to the bright colourful vegetable market and there he met a hungry white goat. The goat said "I want to eat you up" but the pancake said "I'm too fast for you" so the pancake rolled onto the bright green coffee bean field and he met a brown feathery chicken. He said "you look delicious I want to eat you" "No you won't". He rolled on and arrived at the Savannah and he met a brown leopard.

by Sarah, Butterfly Class (based on Mama Panya's Pancakes)

Year 2

Ho was passing the grand temple when he saw a spark glitter on the temple wall. It was a golden, beautiful paintbrush. It even had patterns. The paintbrush didn't belong to anyone so Ho decided to take it home. When he got back, he tiptoed as quietly as he could so the farmer wouldn't hear him.

by Annabella, Fox Class (based on The Magic Paintbrush)

Year 3

Many moons ago when the world was new, there lived a greedy god. He has sandy scales, the scaley head of a lizard and his body was human-shaped. He had taken all the food so his daughter was terribly ill.

by William, Skylark Class (based on How night Came, a Brazilian folk tale) 

Year 4

"Make me thousands of boxes so I can touch the Moon," the King declared.
"Okay your majesty," muttered the carpenter.
The king screamed with hope, "I can almost reach it! Almost there!"

by Samuel, Swan Class (based on The King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon) 

Year 5

In a tumble-down shack there lived a lonely cheetah. He was broken hearted and extremely poor. With a dirty tail and only one spot, the cheetah really wasn't a pleasant sight. However, on the other side of the never-ending, winding river there lived a persistently clean leopard. He had millions of spots and fur as soft as silk.

by Lucy, Owl Class (based on Lord of the Forest, a traditional tale from India)

Year 6

Before there was life there was nothing. No people. No plants. Just Raven. He was alone in the world. One black and starless night he had a dream. Raven dreamt of a world thriving with life. A world he wanted to live in. A place of brilliance and greatness.

He awoke startled and bemused by his peculiar dream. He lifted his great raven wings and took off into the infinite gloom. Many of his dark ebony feathers fell to the flat empty ground. As they did so they began to change. Morph. Transform. What was once merely a plain feather was now alive, moving, speaking, growing. He flew to a tree and settled down for the night.

by Georgia, Hawk Class (based on The Legend of Sedna, an Inuit story)

Many thanks to the Friends of Ashley and the RC Sherriff Trust for their help in funding this year's Book Week activities.