DFC Conference January 2014


On the afternoon of 23rd January 2014, we hosted the second of our Design For Change conferences. This time we were delighted to have Richard Steel, a vicar from Yorkshire, come and share his £10 story with the children and adults. He gave £10 to parishioners to raise money for his church and between them they managed to raise £12, 000 for church repairs.

During our conference we invited children to come up with ideas about how they could use £10 to generate extra funds for a project. After a fair voting process we gave 10 groups of children £10 to help them fund their project. They are very excited about this and the only proviso is that they bring back £10, to give to another group of children, in June when we will be holding our second summer conference. Children from 4 local schools won enough votes to walk away with £10 to start the process of multiplying it for the good of others. Project ideas include: a car wash, an auction, an art exhibition, a netball shootout and a cake sale. Well done everyone, thank you for all your efforts and feeding back the work that you have done so far. We are now really looking forward to hearing all about what you have managed to do with your £10.  We look forward to hearing their stories on the 30th June 2014.