Hawk Class Chamonix 2018


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Hopes and Fears

Today, Hawk Class were given the final itinerary for their upcoming trip to Chamonix. After all of the basics were covered (what time to arrive, what to wear, when they can start eating sweets etc.) the children were given some time to silently reflect on what their hopes for the trips were and any fears they may feel. It was lovely for the children to share their thoughts so openly.

I hope that I can get through the week without missing my family too much. Lara Cl

I hope that I will keep myself safe especially on the mountain hike! Lance

I hope I will become a more confident person. Seth

I hope I don’t forget anything! Natalia

I hope that I will stay positive throughout the whole trip. Lucy

I hope I will become a better leader. Megan


I’m apprehensive about the journey because I often get travel sick – it’s not pretty! Ashley

I’m worried I’ll fall off the mountain! Lewis

I’m a bit scared about travelling on a cable car. Molly

I’m scared of heights but I’m hopeful that I will achieve my best when rock climbing. Myesha

I’m a bit worried that I will get homesick. Dan K